How much electricity is used for lighting in 4*300MW thermal power plant in a year?

1. Total power consumption = total lamp power * hours per day * opening days in a year (365 days if it is normally open in a year). Of course, if the opening time is different every day, you can only calculate it separately.

2, the actual power generation can not be full, the general power generation rate of thermal power (coal power) can reach about 80%, the annual power generation rate of 262800X0.8=210240 can reach about 10,000 degrees, the general power generation rate of hydropower can reach about 60 percent, and the annual 262800X0.6=157680 generation rate can reach about ten thousand degrees.

3. It depends on the efficiency of your unit. Usually, the generating capacity of the 300MW unit is about 80%, and the annual power generation time is usually calculated as 330days. In this case, the annual power generation is equal to 2300,800,330,000,3801600MW, 3801600000KWH = 301.6 billion degrees / year.

4, calculate it, a total of 200000 kilowatts, per hour full load operation can generate 200000 kilowatts, annual utilization hours of 5000 hours, that is, 20-50 million degrees, that is, 1 billion degrees. The power supply coal consumption of the old 50, 000 units is estimated to be more than 400 million 430g (standard coal) / kWh, which is converted to 4000 kcal of coal, namely 700~750g/kWh.

5. How many yuan are there in different periods of time? So-so. Peak period electricity: per kilowatt hour = 0.725 yuan in peacetime: per kilowatt hour = 0.725 yuan valley time: per kilowatt hour = 0.425 yuan (this unit price is for reference only) you can ask the local power supply or electricity management department.

How to calculate the electricity consumption of factory lights

1. When degree = 1 kilowatt, an electrical appliance with a power of 1 kilowatt consumes 1 kilowatt of electricity for an hour continuously. The calculation formula is: electricity consumption (degree) = power (kilowatt) × service time (hour) 1500 watt * hour / 1000W = electricity consumption per hour.

2, kilowatt-hour is usually called “degree”, is the unit of electric work, symbol: kW h, the calculation formula is power multiplied by time. Suppose a power consuming device has a power of 2500 watts, that is, it consumes 5 kilowatt hours of electricity per hour, that is, 5 kilowatt hours of electricity per hour.

3, lamp power consumption calculation, need to know the lamp total power P, use time T assumes that the lamp total power is 3000 watts, the use time is 5 hours, the lamp power consumption is 15 kilowatt-hours.

4. Four methods to calculate the power consumption of led lamps are as follows: first, look directly at the nameplate logo, power (W) * time (H) / 1000 = electricity (degrees or KWH). The second kind: check the power of the LED tube, then add the consumption of the transformer to the quantity, and then divide it by 1000 after the good time.

5, ha ha, simple, method one: look at the nameplate, the power is how much W, and then good time (hours) divided by 1000, you will get the electricity consumption, in degrees or kilowatt-hours.

6. The calculation method of power consumption of household appliances: power consumption = power (w) × time (h) / 1000. For example, if the power of the TV set is 300W, the power consumption per hour is: 300W × 1h / 1000kWh 0.3, that is, 0.3 kWh.

How is the total capacity of electricity used by the factory calculated?

This is simple, because to consider a certain margin, it can be calculated directly with the power factor of 0.8. (800mm 140) / 0.8mm 1175, the selected capacity is 1250kVA transformer.

According to the Power Engineering Design Manual, the transformer capacity should be selected according to the calculated load. For a single transformer supplied with steady load, the load rate is generally about 85%.

Friend, this is very simple, you add up the total power, and then divide the total power by 0.8 is the capacity of the transformer you want to match. Your total power is 233kw, so your transformer with 233divided by 0.8 is 29 without 291kva. You can choose 300kva. It’s easy to calculate.

Therefore, the calculation method of the two-part electricity price is as follows: total electricity charge = basic electricity price × electricity capacity + electricity price × electricity consumption.

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