How many lights do you need for a 900-square-meter factory with a height of 5 meters and 100 watts?

Different lamps and lanterns have different luminous efficiency. Different factories have different requirements for lighting. Without special requirements, in the case of the use of Led, 30 lamps can meet the lighting. If the lighting requirements are not so high, the lamps and lanterns can be reduced appropriately.

Using LED lights, LED lights are very bright, each bulb uses 50 watts to 100 watts, a factory only needs 21. The main reason for the energy saving and environmental protection of LED lamps is that the brightness is very high, which is several times higher than that of ordinary energy-saving lamps.

Specific how many lights to use, need specific data, there is no data can only be given to the calculation method. The wattage is usually 120W. The basic parameters needed before the number of lamps and lanterns are: the lighting area of the workshop, preferably the length, width, height and span of the workshop.

If it is a factory building, the desktop illuminance requirements are usually within 200LUX, 5 meters high, is a lower height, do not need to use industrial and mining lamps, can use ceiling lights and grille lights. The power of LED lamp is about 50W. The factory building of 300 square meters can be one every 5 to 5 meters. Twelve is enough.

This depends on what kind of color temperature lamp you use, whether it is energy-saving lamp or LED. If it is 5m high, it can be arranged in a square or triangle with an interval of 2-3m.

What are the requirements of LED lights for workshop lighting?

Area-the larger the area, the more lamps are used, depending on the density. Many people’s row lights will be 4m high-the higher the plant height, the greater the power of the led lamp theoretically-if it is the aisle area, you can choose to have less power. The power is higher in production operations.

According to the national requirements of the normal LED lamp body has logo logo, power, voltage range, factory date and other instructions, regular manufacturers these data is essential.

No strobe. The lighting of the electronic industry factory building requires better color rendering to meet the reduction of the original color of the object, especially in the production and testing area. At the same time, the light source should have high luminous efficiency in order to achieve the purpose of energy. Shenzhen Huading Optoelectronic LED factory light source all adopts the famous American Pinnacle Corey light source, with excellent comprehensive performance.

How much power is needed for lighting in a 3000 square factory building?

1. The lighting of the factory building is about 3 watts per square meter. If a lamp is used in a 300-square-meter factory building, it will use about 500 to 800 watts, so the lighting is not uniform enough, so you can generally use 10 lights, one lamp is 50 to 80 watts, so the lighting of the factory building is about 3 watts per square meter.

2. According to the limited data provided by the landlord, it can only be determined with reference to the following ways. Workshop general lighting unit area installation power is: 5W/mm2-12W/mm2. The lighting estimation method is calculated according to the unit capacity: W=P/S (W is the installation power per unit area, S is the room area, P is the total installation power of all light sources).

3. If it is a factory building, the requirement for desktop illuminance is usually within 200LUX, the height of 5 meters is a lower height, there is no need for industrial and mining lamps, ceiling lights and grille lights can be used. The power of LED lamp is about 50W. The factory building of 300 square meters can be one every 5 to 5 meters. Twelve is enough.

4. One square meter and one watt. The luminous efficiency of LED light is more than 100 lumens / watt, while the average incandescent lamp can only reach 40 lumens / watt, and the energy-saving lamp hovers around 70 lumens / watt. Therefore, with the same wattage, the effect of LED lamp will be much brighter than incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp. A 1-watt LED lamp is as bright as a 2-watt energy-saving lamp.

5. This depends on the specific needs of lights in your workshop, and there is no fixed pattern.

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What are the regulations for the lighting of workplaces inside and outside the production plant?

1. The lighting brightness standard of the factory building is as follows: ultra-precision operation, design, drawing, precision inspection lighting brightness standard 3000-1500. Design room, analysis, assembly line, painting lighting brightness standard 1500-750. Packaging, metering, surface treatment, warehouse lighting brightness standard 750-300.

2. The number of light sources controlled by each lighting switch should not be too large. The number of lights in each room should not be less than 2 (except for those with only one light source).

3. Because there are too many kinds of industrial factories, different places have different requirements for illuminance, so the illuminance standards are also different. For example, the illuminance standards of light and heavy industrial plants must be different. Even in similar factories, the illuminance standards of different workshops and different processing precision sections are also different.

4. which lighting circuits and lamps are less than 1.8 meters specified in the lighting equipment for temporary power consumption at the construction site. Warning lighting on the protective railing around the foundation pit. Wet places include lighting in deep foundation pits. Lighting working in metal containers should use a safe voltage of 36v or 24v or 12v.

5, finally, what we want to say is that there are more dust impurities in the air, because the visibility of the air is low, and in the lighting working environment of the workshop where the air is relatively humid, it is best to choose the LED industrial and mining lamps with better sealing of the shell to prevent moist gas from entering the interior of the lamp, which is also a kind of protection for the lamp.

6, will correctly release the power supply, will cardiopulmonary resuscitation, will stop bleeding, will bandage, will transfer and transport the wounded, will deal with first aid trauma or poisoning and so on. If you find someone electrocuted, you should immediately cut off the power supply, make the electrocuted person off the power supply, and give first aid, such as working at high altitude, when rescuing, we must pay attention to prevent the danger of falling from high altitude.

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