Maintenance lighting of ceiling interlayer in factory building

1. It seems that the specification does not say to set up maintenance lighting. When you inspect and repair, you can use a line light whose voltage is not more than 12V in a narrow space.

2. The wires of lamps and lanterns installed in the ceiling should wear protective pipes. If the ceiling is also equipped with water pipes, gas (liquefied gas) pipes and air conditioning ducts (channels), there should be a certain distance between them according to the specifications. No matter parallel laying or cross laying, there are prescribed intervals.

3. The back of the light source of the lighting device can also be plaster or lined with metal plate to increase the reflected light. When tuyere and mouthpiece are installed on the ceiling, in order to prevent insects and rats from entering, metal mesh and grid should be used to protect them.

What qualifications do you need to repair factory lights?

1. Qualification certificate: the corresponding qualification certificate is required for lighthouse maintenance, such as electrician certificate, electrical engineer certificate, mechanical engineer certificate and so on. To obtain the certificate, you need to have the corresponding education and work experience, and pass the relevant examinations.

2. Lighting projects with more than two-way power supply and self-repeatable; lighting projects with equipment investment of more than 300000 yuan (excluding civil engineering and cable and line parts).

3. Professional contracting qualification for urban and road lighting, which is divided into first, second and third levels. Enterprises applying for the first time can only apply from the lowest level. Scope of contracted project: first-class qualification can undertake the construction of all kinds of urban and road lighting projects.

4. Lamps and lanterns manufacturers require 3C certification for general products, CE, UL and Rose certification for foreign exports, and explosion-proof certification, fire protection certification and energy saving certification for special products.

The factory floor is 15 meters high, how to make the annual maintenance of lamps and lanterns safer and cheaper?

The traditional maintenance method is to use the lift to disassemble and replace the new lights, but the rental of a high-altitude lift costs 9000 yuan a day. I believe any owner will be reluctant to give up when he sees such a high rental fee. So what Shenzhen Kaiming recommended today is a remote-controlled electric industrial and mining lamp elevator.

In the space with relatively high floor height, if it is a family residence, I feel that it is not suitable to use high-power lamps and lanterns, and the lamps and lanterns should not be hung too high. I also live in old-fashioned houses, or hang the lamps and lanterns in the middle and use floodlight shades, so that the illumination of the whole space is more uniform. Personal advice for reference.

The height of the floor is relatively high and can be used as a double floor and add stairs. The staircase can choose streamlined staircase, the design of stair railing is arbitrary, or simple or artistic. If you are a music lover, you can also highlight your personal music on the stair railing and design the stair railing into a combination of staff and notes to show the artistic style.

The lamps and lanterns are cleaned every half a year, and the pipelines are maintained regularly. The air conditioner should try its best to control the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor by 5 ℃. 6. Don’t forget to turn off the power after work. It is said that the standby power consumption of computer monitors and printers is about 5 watts. If you do not turn off the power switch after work, you will stand by for at least 10 hours a night, which will consume 35 kilowatt-hours of electricity throughout the year.

The installation height of the lamp should be greater than 5 meters, the wire should be connected with the lamp through the terminal post, and should not be near the surface of the lamp. The lamp must be used with the trigger and the current limiter. Protective measures shall be taken for reflective lighting lanterns installed on the ground.

Street lamp refers to the lamps and lanterns that provide lighting function to the road, and generally refers to the lamps and lanterns within the range of road lighting in traffic lighting. Street lamps are widely used in all kinds of places where lighting is needed. Fire is the history of human development and a history of entrepreneurship in pursuit of light, and the use of fire is an important milestone in the progress of human civilization.

Product application and solution of lighting in LED factory building

The application of LED lighting can be divided into two parts: commercial lighting and civil lighting.

Light source: compact, efficient, choose the right color and output power. Control and drive: use electronic circuits to realize the constant current drive and control of LED. Thermal management: in order to achieve a longer service life, the temperature of LED nodes must be controlled. The calculation of heat dissipation model and the application of new materials and new processes are the hotspots of LED lamp technology.

Considering the ceiling height and design illuminance, it is necessary to choose suitable light distribution lamps and lanterns. It is recommended to use energy-saving LED industrial and mining lamps for medium-height ceilings with a height of about 5m. LED factory lamps with uniform illumination angle, no glare and no strobe are recommended. Lamp configuration suggestion: high-power LED industrial and mining lamp instead of high-pressure mercury lamp.

LED lamps and lanterns have the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, and have a long life, so they have been widely used in the field of industrial lighting. Factory building lighting generally choose more than 4000K white light, installation hoisting is more common, the power is common between 50-200W.

Its led products mainly include led floodlights, led spotlights, led indoor lights, led explosion-proof lights, led street lights, led hanging lights and other led energy-saving lamps. And its products are widely used in Sinotruk, Jigang, Laigang, Yongfeng Iron and Steel and other enterprises. The service quality is good, the light source can be guaranteed for 2 years.

Rongda Hi-Tech has industry-leading independent core patent technology and sustainable research and development capabilities, focusing on providing intelligent and environmentally friendly all-round science and technology products for civil security.

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