Who can help me explain this LED flashing circuit diagram? Thanks!

1. Reference to the figure above is a LED cycle extinguishing circuit. All LED turns on after power is turned on. Press S1 to extinguish the cycle and start the cycle from left to right. The only difference with the original circuit is that there is no start button in the original circuit, and it is possible that 3 LED will shine forever after power on.

2. Adjust the values of RP and C1, and the LED flicker frequency will change. If a small variable resistor is added to the emitter of VT1, the discharge time of C1, that is, the time of LED extinction, can be controlled.

3. This is an oscillating circuit. The two capacitors CC2 take turns charging and discharging, which is the key. When Q1 is turned on, C1 is discharged and LED1 is bright. At this point C2 is charged. When Q2 is turned on, C2 discharges and LED2 is bright. At this point, C1 is charged. The circuit will take turns repeating two processes.

What is the circuit diagram of this simple led lamp? Are several light-emitting diodes directly connected in parallel?

1. LED, whose basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material, is a solid-state semiconductor device, which can directly convert electricity into light. It is placed on a shelf with leads and then sealed around with epoxy resin to protect the internal core wire, so the seismic performance of LED is good.

2, led lamp luminous principle: LED inside the PN junction, under the action of voltage drive, the internal electrons and holes will be recombined, the composite process energy will be released in the form of luminous, this is the working principle of LED lamp.

3. LED (Light Emitting Diode), light-emitting diode, is a solid-state semiconductor device that can directly convert electricity into light.

How to connect the circuit of the LED lamp?

1. LED fluorescent lamp tube wiring can be divided into three types: two-end input line, single-end input line and staggered input line. The wiring at both ends is a relatively early and common connection method, because of its convenient wiring, simple aging and so on. So far, many led lamp manufacturers have adopted it.

2. If the AC voltage is 220V, just connect the prepared plug cable directly to the power supply line of the led lamp, then wrap the interface with electrical tape and plug it into the socket.

3. The drive unit is generally solidified inside the lamp tube, that is, the back of the LED patch. When we get a LED lamp tube, we do not need a ballast and can be directly connected to the 220V AC power.

Diagram of how to connect led lights

1. First install the current-limiting resistor on the negative pole of the power cord. Then separate the positive and negative lines of the LED lamp strip. Use a stripper to remove the positive wire of the LED lamp belt. Stripped positive line of LED lamp. This is shown in the following figure. Connect the negative wire of the power supply with the positive wire of the LED lamp strip.

2. How to connect the led lamp into the wire at both ends: this is one of the more common connection methods in the early days. Because of the advantages of convenient wiring and other advantages, there are still some LED lamp manufacturers. Connect the two needles of the lamp holder short, and then connect them to the internal constant current power supply. This connection method can work normally as long as the traditional starter is removed.

3. The connection method of led lamp is as follows: tool / raw material: LED lamp. First of all, the length is determined and intercepted by integers. Random shortening will cause a unit not to shine. If you need a length of 5m, the lamp belt needs to be cut by 8m. If the positive and negative electrodes are connected in an insulated state, the lamp belt is not bright.

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