Where is the bar lamp usually used?

Indoor LED strip lights, also known as strip lights, are generally used in halls, merchants, offices and other commercial and shopping places. Hoisting line lights have more personality than flat lights, linear lighting with downlights, track lights can adapt to a more avant-garde decoration style, Baidu answer you.

There are many kinds of strip lights, and ordinary fluorescent lamps are also a kind of strip lights. As for where it applies, there are a lot of them. For example, suction roof, suspension, embedding, hanging wall, washing wall, outline, buried and so on. It can be used in all kinds of engineering projects.

At present, the most popular living room bar lamp is called one-word lamp. Also known as led bar lights, or led ceiling bar lights. This type of lamp does not have a fixed name, the ceiling lamp refers to the way it is installed, the led refers to the type of light, and the font, strip and strip lights describe its shape.

Set off the beauty of clothes, improve the vision of the beauty of clothes, people try on clothes to look thin under the strip lights, enhance the beauty of clothes, and achieve the role of increasing purchasing power.

What are the types of flexible led strip lights: this led strip is very soft and can be bent, folded, molded into various shapes, made into words or patterns.

How many watts is the strip lamp?

1. Strip 30-watt office lamp. The strip 30-watt office lamp has comfort and aesthetics, improves the work efficiency of employees, and can also spread a good image to visitors through the office space.

2, T8 LED0.9 meters, generally about 12W, different manufacturers of products, power may be different. 0.9 meters ordinary fluorescent tube is 30W.

3, the power of the lamp with one meter is about 10 watts to 20 watts, depending on the number of lamp beads on the lamp, the power of each ordinary lamp bead is about 0.2 watts to 0.3 watts.

4. The square copper wire allows the current to be about 60 A. If the power factor is 220V, the power can reach 13 kilowatts. The 12-watt LED strip is best calculated according to the actual current rather than the power. Because the driving circuit is different, the actual current is also different. Some drive circuits have very low power factors.

5. Led lever lamp between 1 and 20 watts. Regular led lamps and lanterns are marked with lumen value or wattage on the outer package, and the corresponding relationship is: 2600lm ≈ 25-28w. 1600lm ≈ 25-28w. 1100lm ≈ 16-20w. 800lm ≈ 8-12w. 450lm ≈ 6-19w.

6. Shortcomings such as thermal deposition. Third, there are many changes in color, which can form different combinations of light and color to achieve rich and colorful dynamic changes and a variety of images. Disadvantages: first, it can not be used simply as an ordinary light source, and requires the cooperation of driving power, optics and heat conduction. Second, the linear lamp is easy to heat and needs to dissipate heat when it is used.

How to install the linear lamp

1. The installation steps of linear lamps and lanterns are as follows: turn off the power supply: before installation, you must turn off the power supply to avoid electric shock accidents. Mounting bracket: fix the bracket of the linear lamp to the ceiling and use expansion screws or wood screws to fix the bracket to the ceiling.

2. Before installation, you need to prepare the linear lamps to be installed, and at the same time, you need to determine the specific installation location. If the installation location is relatively high, you also need to prepare a herringbone ladder, and you need to close all the power master valves at home first. Then you can place the lamps and lanterns where you need to install them.

3. First close the power valve in the room, and at the same time use the electric pen to measure the wires in the lower room to see if it is charged. Only after ensuring that there is no electricity in the circuit can the next step of construction be carried out.

4. The installation mode of linear lamp is embedded, which is similar to that of titanium alloy bar. The difference between the installation of titanium alloy strips is that it is necessary to consider the installation location of the inverter and the introduction of power supply for LED light-emitting chips.

What’s the difference between a ceiling lamp and an embedded lamp?

Ceiling installation refers to directly using screws to fix the lamp body on the ceiling and expose the lamp body, also known as bright-mounted lamps and lanterns; ceiling installation does not need to drill holes in the ceiling ~ embedded installation refers to the need for screws but directly stuck to the ceiling opening lamp position through clamping springs or other card shrapnel, also known as concealed lamps.

The panels of ceiling lights are all under smallpox, which highlights the 100MM around than the original smallpox. To some extent, the floor height of smallpox was reduced. If the selected lamp panel shape does not match the smallpox, it will affect the beauty.

Especially in families with children, littered toys sometimes hit the lampshade, so it is best not to choose the ceiling lamp of the glass cover; light transmittance: the material of the lampshade should be uniform, which not only has high light transmittance, but also can not show the luminous lamp.

What is the difference between ceiling lights and downlights? the former is mainly installed on the surface of the ceiling, the whole lamp can be seen, while the latter is installed in the ceiling, the surface of the lamp is difficult to see.

Hello Baidu title, led ceiling lamp is generally installed in the room, installed close to the roof, like adsorbed on the roof, so it is called LED ceiling lamp.

What is the difference between LED bar lights, lamp strips, and wall washing lights?

1, the line lamp is mostly square, and the wall washing lamp with its own bracket, the appearance of the design is not fixed. Line lamp is a kind of flexible decorative lamp with low power consumption, long life and easy to bend. It is generally suitable for the outline of buildings and the production of billboards and so on.

2, the main difference is that the nature is different, the effect is different, the application is different, the details are as follows: different wall washing lamp LED wall washing lamp, is to let the light wash through the wall like water, used to outline the outline of large buildings. Line lamp LED line lamp series is a kind of flexible decorative lamp.

3, LED wall washing lamp: composed of high-power 1W lumen lamp bead + lens, the shell size is more than 5 cm wide, generally high voltage 220V power supply, the bottom is installed bracket, the surface is a layer of toughened glass, are waterproof.

4, there are still many differences, the first is the difference in the principle of construction: led lamp, is a kind of light-emitting diode. Such lamps and lanterns can convert electricity into light. Energy-saving lamps generally refer to energy-saving light bulbs. The top of the energy-saving lamp is the lamp holder, and the lower part is the lamp tube structure.

5. Different types of LED light strips and LED light strips are generally universal, both refer to flexible light strips, but light strips specifically refer to flexible light strips, that is, light strips that use FPC as circuit boards. The lamp strip includes two kinds of soft lamp strip and hard lamp strip, one is to use FPC to do circuit board (similar to lamp belt), the other is to use hard board to do circuit board.

Is the embedded cylindrical wall washing lamp and the embedded circular spotlight the same kind of lamp?

1, the light source is different: the downlight is fixed, its light source direction can not be adjusted, and the light source direction of the spotlight can be changed.

2. Different shapes. The shape of the wall washing lamp is usually a long strip, which is usually arranged vertically and horizontally, and installed on the wall as a whole. Most of the spotlights are round or square, usually arranged in line, usually installed in the corner of the wall and shining upward. The lighting effect is different.

3. The scope of application of spotlights and downlights is different. Spotlights are mainly used for special lighting, while downlights are used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. Therefore, it is better to use downlights in the bedroom. Downlight atmosphere, soft light, belongs to the floodlight series, generally installed in the bedroom ceiling around.

4, the shape is different, usually the wall washing lamp is long, while the spotlight is round or square.

5, at the same time use the place is different, downlight can be installed directly on the ceiling, it also has a kind of external light, relatively speaking will be softer. There are many styles of spotlights, some are tracks, some are embedded.

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