LED Linear Trunking System Light Tech Doc Download

The Recolux LED linear lighting system includes two series of products: the N Line series and the E Line system.

The N Line series is a high-brightness, high-efficiency linear lighting product that utilizes the latest LED technology to provide outstanding light brightness and uniformity. This series is suitable for commercial and industrial places such as offices, shops, and factories.

The E Line system is an intelligent linear lighting solution that integrates advanced control systems and sensors. By using the smart control system, users can adjust the light brightness and color according to their needs, as well as enable timed switching and automatic sensing functions. Additionally, the E Line system can be integrated with other smart home devices to achieve more automation functions.

The Recolux LED linear lighting system offers multiple installation options, including suspension, wall mounting, and recessed installation. Furthermore, the products come in various lengths and power options to meet the needs of different spaces.

Whether it’s the N Line series or the E Line system, Recolux is committed to providing high-quality, high-performance LED linear lighting solutions that create comfortable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting environments for users.

1. N Line Download

N-LINE is suitable for car washing room , industry and other places where have special requirements for the protection of luminaires.

2. E Line Download

E-line can be quickly and easily set up by installers of all ability levels, thanks to its clearly definable components and simple click together assembly.

3. Install Manual Download

5 Wires LED Linear Lighting System & 7 Wires LED Linear Lighting System.

Safety notes:
The installation and connection of the luminaire must be done when power
switched off and by qualified people.
Make sure no electrical power during installation .
Max current should not exceed 16A in one power feed in circuit.