Ocean King’s sales work is specific how to carry out, the more specific the better, urgent, thank you!

1. Hello! Shenzhen Ocean King is a professional lighting company, sales work is to deeply understand the needs of customers’ working environment for lamps and lanterns, according to the customer’s process to achieve sales.

2. Like general sales, Ocean King sales takes even more time and effort. On the contrary, it is worth noting that as the initial stage of sales, Sea King exercises people very much: including learning ability, communication ability, work ideas and so on, will be greatly improved and trained.

3. when the stock generation became rich in the 1920s and real estate at the beginning of the 20th century, then the service industry must be next.

4. I have been working at Ocean King for 3 years. Let me tell you something about my personal experience: the probation period is 3 months, the basic salary is 1540, the commission is 5%, after becoming a regular employee, the commission is about 1800, and the commission ranges from 4% to 5%.

5. Factory power and network power are the major business departments of the company, which is relatively not so difficult, but there will also be many competitors. It is difficult to do sales in any industry, because sales is the most challenging job.

How about selling in Shenzhen Ocean King Lighting Technology?

Ocean King Lighting is a professional lighting company, the company’s positioning is very good, sales are all rich units, such as power supply bureau, coal mine, railway, petroleum, chemical industry, iron and steel, large enterprises and so on. Belongs to the special lighting in the lighting industry, the real material, but the price is not cheap.

The probation period is 3 months, with a basic salary of 1540 and a commission of 5%. After becoming a regular employee, the commission is about 1800, ranging from 4% to 5%.

It’s easy to make your colleagues get sick. The probation period seems to be about 1500, and the commission is 4%. In fact, when you enter the Ocean King, it will brainwash you and instill in you the concept of its sales and services. if you can’t accept it, you can give up. If you can’t accept it, you can’t work in the company.

Where is the authentic Ocean King flashlight sold on the Internet?

The Ocean King sold online is all fake. Ocean King only sells directly. Just like you buy clothes from well-known brands, you can’t get the authentic products in other channels.

There is a 4F19 in Shiqiao shop on the fourth floor of Broadway, which specializes in these specialties. I suggest you have time to see a lot of them. I personally feel that the effect is great. There are both American Peliken and low-end ones. Car searchlights, etc.

In general, flashlight sales around the electronic mall are concentrated in the counter or some outdoor stores, you can pay more attention to it, but explosion-proof flashlights such as Ocean King may also be sold in security stores. I really can’t. You can also call their company to ask the sales outlets in the area.

You go to Yueqing Zetai Electric Appliance to ask, they have more kinds of flashlights.

Ocean King JW7622 battery, price: 50 yuan, Yueqing Ocean King multi-function bright light flashlight OR-JW7620/TU solid-state strong light explosion-proof flashlight, price: 360 yuan, Ocean King jw7622 multi-function inspection bright light flashlight, price: 150 yuan, and so on. The above prices are from the Internet and are for reference only. The specific prices are subject to purchase.

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