Ten points for attention and three Design ideas for Interior Lighting Design of LED Lamp

1. In the design of lamps and lanterns, it is necessary to ensure that the light source has a reliable electrical connection, the contact resistance is small, and it will not come loose after being subjected to vibration. In order to protect the light source and prolong the life of the light source, the internal structure of the lamp must be scientific and reasonable.

2, led lamps and lanterns design precautions do not use bipolar power devices experts pointed out that because bipolar power devices are cheaper than MOSFET, generally about 2 cents, so some designers use bipolar power devices in order to reduce the driving cost of LED, which will seriously affect the reliability of the circuit.

3, the basic principle: the main light source is best to see only light, no light source. The light source is exposed to the outside, not to mention the ash, but also easily affect the overall soft deployment. Useful criteria: all kinds of cabinets must have internal lighting system, wardrobes, cabinets, bathroom cabinets and so on.

4) choose the color light scientifically and reasonably and use the color light cautiously. Color light should be used reasonably according to the texture of the material on the surface of the object.

Lighting design

1. Functional principles people will have different feelings in different environments, and human eyes will have different psychological feelings about light, shade and color.

2, lighting design principle 1) aesthetic principle lighting design is an important means to decorate, beautify the environment and create an artistic atmosphere. In order to decorate and beautify the space, increase the sense of space layers and render the corresponding space atmosphere, it is very important to use decorative lighting.

3. Indirect lighting can be said to be a more flexible and interesting design element, which can be used as a catalyst for the atmosphere, the focus and theme of a room, and can also enhance the hierarchical sense of existing decoration. Generally speaking, lighting arrangement can be divided into direct and indirect.

4. Beauty when we decorate our home, we all attach great importance to the aesthetics of home design, because a beautiful design is the “facade” of our home! Therefore, when we design household lighting, the directivity of lighting light should not be too strong, so as not to cause heavy shadows and blunt shapes.

5, the third advanced method of lighting design is no main lamp lighting, abandon the single main light source, evenly arrange different light sources in the wall, roof and ground, and use the method of local lighting of basic lighting, so that your home can be bright and layered.

Design solution of long-life led Luminaire

1. LED manufacturers solve the concept of LED longevity by changing the materials required for packaging, and we need to pay attention to the dispersion of fluorescent materials in the packaging materials. High efficiency power matching of led lamps is the key to long life of led lamps and lanterns. The increasing popularity of led lamps is an important factor inseparable from its high efficiency and long life.

2. Using a more efficient and stable LED light source, the calculation of the heat dissipation structure is accurate, and the power of the driving power supply is not too sufficient, up to 80%.

3. Thermal management: in order to achieve a longer service life, the temperature of LED nodes must be controlled. The calculation of heat dissipation model and the application of new materials and new technology are the hot spots of LED lamp technology. Optical elements: lenses, reflectors, or light guide plate materials focus light in the target area or scatter light around, depending on the design requirements.

Design Scheme of led Lighting

The high CRI obtained by using white LED with fluorescent powder has a price, because the Stokes shift will cause the efficiency of white LED to be lower than that of monochromatic LED. However, for most lighting applications, LED lamps with high CRI and slightly less efficiency are preferred.

CLASS class O lamp (EN): lamps and lanterns which only take basic insulation as electric shock protection measures, without grounding and other protection measures. 1CLASS Class I lamp (EN): in addition to the basic insulation for electric shock protection measures, but also the use of other protective measures such as grounding.

The problem of heat dissipation promotes the long-life design of led lamps and lanterns. We know that when the lights are turned on for a long time, the heat will be heated, and the heat will damage the led lamps themselves. Now led lamps and lanterns design advanced packaging technology to thoroughly solve the heat dissipation has become the key.

The installation position of floodlight lamps and lanterns on the building in the decorative lighting of the building, it uses as much light as possible to fully reflect the architectural art under the condition of little or no uncomfortable glare.

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