In the eyes of many people, the job of lighting architects is to design, take money, work easily, but earn a lot. In fact, designers have their own pain and difficulties. At present, the pain and problems faced by domestic designers can be summarized in the following aspects:

Front-line designers are exhausted

With the reform and opening up and the in-depth development of the market economy system, China’s GDP has continued to expand rapidly for 20 consecutive years, and the domestic construction and building decoration industry has developed by leaps and bounds: construction projects in various places are booming, new construction projects are emerging one after another, and China has become a hot and huge construction site construction designers in the field of construction are facing increased workload pressure while ushering in great development opportunities.

The increase in design business has made most design workers exhausted all day long, and the design process in the field of architecture has gradually fallen into a state of “poor thinking” resulting in a great reduction in the depth and breadth of professional research, and the same projects without style are all overflowing! No wonder friends in the foreign design industry say that “Chinese designers have lost their style in the spring breeze”!

The designer is in the awkward position of kitsch

The economic take-off has created thousands of so-called “people who got rich first” in various fields of social production in a short period of time, and these newly rich people are not lacking in millionaires and multimillionaires. But in this population, the wealth they have is not always proportional to the knowledge in their minds and their inner tastes. However, this group of people has increasingly become the backbone of investment and construction in emerging markets, and designers need to serve! Ten years of hard work, once in the sky, they have a strong sense of dominance, often in the engineering scheme design requires designers to follow their own wishes!

Therefore, at this particular market stage, the vast majority of construction projects have a strong “trace of Party A’s will”, no matter what level of this consciousness taste, it will be implemented through the hands of designers. A large number of architectural and decorative projects lacking scientific evidence, cultural and artistic taste, and luxurious words have sprung up on the streets of China.

And designers have lost themselves in this round of the market, at least I think most designers in order to survive, coupled with overloaded work and outside intervention, kitsch has become a common practice against this type of design! But sadly, in this process, designers have lost not only their own ideas, but more importantly, their own academic literacy and their own mentality, and have fallen into a sense of sinking, and there are even fewer who can sit down and think about ecological issues related to national conditions and people’s livelihood!

Academic designers do not escape from the world, and theory is divorced from practice

At the same time that many front-line designers are struggling in the wave of construction and their skills are exhausted. Many excellent academic designers (university teachers, researchers) not only have food and clothing, but also have more advanced research equipment and a comfortable working environment. They master the most advanced and idealized design concepts and design ideas, and have constantly improving artistic achievements.

But in fact, the excellent environment has prompted them to generally disconnect from practice and cannot maximize the service of the current wave of construction! Superb design ideas, theories and theoretical achievements become powerless without practice, and design in the field of architecture is a very practical subject. The superior and idealized research state makes them unwilling to participate in the complex and fraudulent front-line competition, which will lead them to lack the skills and means to realize their ideas, and most advanced ideas are difficult to put into practice!

The quality of the designer team is reduced

In order to meet the situation of great development of construction and the reform of colleges and universities, many colleges and universities will open popular majors in the market, regardless of whether they have teachers or not, and blindly expand enrollment. The field of architecture is no exception, all kinds of social forces run schools, professional technical secondary schools, and even computer training courses have also joined the “ranks of manufacturing designers”, imagine how much designers trained in just one and a half years can understand architecture, art, and culture?

However, in just 10 years, the practitioners in the field of architectural design have swelled dramatically, and the design market has entered a chaotic and disorderly period of competition! Among them, there are also grassroots designers with low quality, lack of due professional ethics, lack of academic literacy and exploration spirit, in the market competition, they reduce the value of designers, blindly chase fame and profit, superficial kitsch chase fashion, and even promote the fall to join the ranks of misleading consumption.

This situation is particularly serious in the field of home improvement, designers who vigorously promote so-called new materials to Party A in order to extract the so-called commercial commission, and the huge results of promoting new materials for the benefit can also be described as “remarkable”! They should be responsible for the waste of resources caused by the low-grade fun of current construction and decoration projects and the accumulation of high-grade materials!

The consequences of vicious competition have contributed to the fact that many excellent designers can not get corresponding returns and reduce the enthusiasm for creation, and some public opinion in society even compares designers to prostitutes, so many talents hide in colleges and universities, their own research rooms are unwilling to face the society, resulting in many design ideas with practical value can not be verified and developed in practice, including many research results in the field of ecology!

Disdain for high-end designs

Designers, senior masters and industry leaders in the field of high-end design are at the top, satisfied with their status and past achievements, and have not fully fulfilled their responsibilities for the upcoming changes, which can be reflected in: China has introduced a large number of high-end architectural designs in recent years, which have not played a reasonable role in inducing domestic building energy-saving reform while enjoying the huge support of the state finance, but on the contrary, have triggered a new wave of luxury building construction around the world. This has had a negative impact on China’s current ecological form.

As the high end of the industry, masters have more opportunities to study all over the world, they have high cultural and academic attainments, and most of them are very wealthy. Small design can not be seen, large design can not exert its own authority, put forward its own rationalization suggestions, resulting in Chinese architectural and decorative design into two wrong and extreme development directions, on the one hand, ordinary people in the face of green design at a loss, for the waste of national resources to pay; On the other hand, local governments at all levels spend huge costs on “luxury before getting rich” to introduce vase-like things that still need to be maintained at great cost.

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