Customized 1 to 1 LED Linear Trunking Light Retrofit Module

Customized 1 to 1 LED Linear Trunking Light Retrofit Module

The 1 to 1 retrofit solution is customized for each existing brand and Trunking module, perfectly meets requirements of different retrofit projects. The 1 to 1 modification scheme can maintain the existing trunking system. At the same time, using the cable system in the existing trunking, insert the male connector in the modified module into the female connector in the existing trunking, and use compatible connectors at the same time to get power, then the job finish!

LED trunking Retrofit system is the best choice for updating and compatible with the existing T8 & T5 trunking systems from Trilux, Siteco, Ridi, Regiolux, Philips, Ludwig, Zumtobel etc. Our design makes the installation become extremely simple and efficient. Installation is simply without tools. The customers’ existing trunking can be maintained and re-used, save time and labour cost for re-installing the trunking and electricity connections.

There is no need to re-apply and install the fire protection system.

As far as we know, millions of continuous trunking tracks around the world are being equipped with old T8 & T5 fluorescent lamps. At present, energy-saving LED has become the mainstream lighting source. So we developed a new LED linear module and continue to use the existing old trunking of Zumtobel, Philips, Regent, Ludwig, trilux, siteco, regiolux, ridi and other renovation projects, it helps customers save a lot of money, materials and installation time. It successfully replaced the traditional fluorescent lamps and are compatible with most types of trunking system.


-Provide replacement solution for most of the brands trunking system in market

-Perfect product dimension bring out excellent installation effect

-100% compatible with old wire systems and trunk

-Simple install methods help customers save lots of installation cost

-Multiple beam angles available, meets all application requirements

-High luminous efficacy up to 160LM/W

-ENEC 1-10V or Tridonic or Orsam Driver

-Flicker Free

-5 years warranty

-Beam angle available: 30°, 60°, 90°, 25°/ 25°, Left 25°, Right 25° and 120° ( 60°, 90° most for industry )

-Less than 44 seconds installation






-Parking Lot

Retrofit modules

Trilux E-LINE 07690XX T8

Trilux E-LINE 07650XX T5

Regiolux SDT

Regiolux SPT /SMT

Regilux ST

Philips /AEG Maxos TL-D T8

Philips /AEG Maxos TL5 T5

Zumtobel NEW ZX2 & ZX1

Zumtobel OLD ZX2 & ZX1


Kandem SV70, SV75

Litec RZB Planos

Norton NSL/Fluolite TRX T8

Norton NSL T5



Siteco DUS 5LJ9091-0E 1-längig 58W 1535mm

Siteco DUS 5LJ9092-0E 2-längig 58W 3070mm

Siteco DUS 5LJ9093-0E 3-längig 58W 4605mm

Siteco DUS 5LJ9091-0E1 1-längig 58W 1535mm

Siteco DUS 5LJ9092-0E1 2-längig 58W 3070mm

Siteco DUS 5LJ9093-0E1 3-längig 58W 4605mm

RIDI New VLT T5 /T 8


Philips TTX400 TL5 (T5)

Philips TTX400 TL-D(T8)

Philips /AEG Maxos TL5 (T5)

Philips /AEG Maxos TL-D(T8)

Zumtobel NEW ZX2 & ZX1

Zumtobel NEW ZX2 & ZX1


  1. Take Out the fluorescent tube or LED Tube

2. Take out the fixture of T8/T5 bracket 

3. Take up the LED Module and choose the watts, connect it with the rails 

4. Secure the connection by pushing in the quick-connection levers on the side of the module

5. Check Out everything OK and Switch the power 



the New trunking system ,like Trilux Design


Recolux Retrofit Module


1. Higher Price

2. Need to take out all old trunking rails .Labor cost higher

1. Only 120°

2. flicker Driver

3. could not work with all ECG ballasts

4. LOW Energy Saving

5. Every competitor has led lube

1.Just with one-on -one Design , one model could not work with all brand Trunk Rails


  1. Easy to Installation

2. Flicker free

3. Easy to take out for maintainc

  1. Cheaper Price

2. Easy to installation

1. Just plug and play
2. No need re-wiring
3. 100% compatible with EVG/KVG ballast
4. 100% compatible with original trunk rails
5. Save purchase cost ,old trunk rail still works
6. Low install labor cost


We have cooperated and service brand as below

Dailmer , BMW , Opel, Toom, OBI, ALDI, Kaufland Sonepar , Holland airline , Deutsche Lufthansa, Logistic centre of West Europe .

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