The construction plan of Lighting Company in Lighting Project?

Coordination of brightening project construction: do a good job of personnel coordination within the enterprise in the early stage of brightening project construction, carry out a detailed professional division of labor, the number of personnel, personnel technology, personnel management, multi-faceted and multi-angle to ensure the communication and coordination of personnel.

(3) spraying white lime powder on each pair of pipe ditches, foundations, wiring wells and so on according to the construction drawings, which shall be reviewed and approved by professional supervision engineers and owners’ representatives as the basis for testing and monitoring. Effective reinforcement and protection measures shall be taken for the construction specific coordinate points that have been checked and approved, such as inserting a wooden pile with red silk to ensure the accuracy in the construction process.

Construction of ground pole (grounding protection) a. The grounding protection should be installed in strict accordance with the requirements of the building electrical construction code, the working zero line and the protection zero line should be strictly separated and must not be mixed, and the PE lines of all distribution boxes should be made vertically. If passing the test is greater than the standard requirements, rework must be required until the standard is met.

The engineering department shall start the installation process in accordance with the construction plan rules. Arrange the installer, prepare the necessary materials, such as wires, transformers, etc., and do some preparatory work before the installation, such as wiring to the site, marking the luminous words and lamps to be installed on the site according to the design plan, reserve the wire head, etc.

Second, safety principle. There are many safety accidents caused by night lighting in cities all over the country. Therefore, the design of urban lighting project should be equipped with grounding system and leakage protection to ensure the safety of electrical construction.

What key points should be paid attention to in intelligent lighting construction

1. This can ensure the safety of the lighting project, and then the safety of the construction personnel. For some lighting fixtures installed in combustible ceilings, remember to choose products that do not have too much power. In addition, heat insulation is carried out around the ceiling.

2. Determine the area to be implemented, the scene to be implemented, whether to control the scene, and whether to use panels or LCD control panels. If you want to use conditions such as seven-star comfort, professional designers design smart home system solutions in advance according to the needs. In order to avoid problems in use.

3. The settlement of the fill should be reserved, and the 200-300MM thickness of the backfill should be higher than that of the ground before tamping, so as not to damage the cable (wire). Fill the soil after rain to determine the soil water content, if it exceeds the stipulation, it can not be backfilled.

4. Installation precautions of intelligent induction lamp when installing, please install the intelligent lamp in the place where people often move (ceiling or wall), which can improve its sensitivity and working range. Do not install on wet ceilings or walls. Disconnect the power supply when cleaning. Please choose a non-corrosive detergent when cleaning.

5. What are the specific contents of the intelligent construction points? the following Zhongda consulting bidding teacher will answer for you for reference. The cooperation of reserved holes and pre-buried pipelines with civil engineering in the construction of civil foundation, the pre-burying work of lead hole of grounding project, through-wall hole of piping in floor, protective pipe of cable passing through wall and incoming pipe should be done well.

6, intelligent decoration in the choice of weak wire materials to choose high price and good quality, otherwise the follow-up problems can not be remedied. When installing and wiring, each wire should be connected to the weak box separately and cannot be connected in series. At the same time, it should be noted that strong and weak electricity cannot cross or walk the same circuit.

How to do the tender for lighting project and what materials need to be prepared? Hurry!

1. Do a good job in the protection of finished products, do not pollute or damage other facilities. The direction of cable reel handling and rolling should be consistent with the direction marked by the cable reel. When laying a cable, the cable tray should be placed on a special cable rack, and the direction of traction when laying the cable should be opposite to that marked by the cable tray.

2. Generally speaking, it mainly includes materials and supporting documents such as project approval, planning permission, land use right certificate, drawing examination certificate, fire control examination, environmental impact assessment report, capital certificate, construction approval, etc. Check the bidding information and use swordfish to bid.

3. For tendering and bidding, three kinds of materials are generally required. They are: technical tender; business tender: time limit guarantee commitment, bid winning commitment, quality assurance commitment, project budget quotation, etc.; if it is a large-scale project, then it is necessary to prepare a reputation tender.

4. Three kinds of materials need to be prepared for tendering and bidding, which are: technical tender. There are mainly company profile, company qualification, company’s recent performance and award-winning project certificate, the construction organization and design plan of the project, the list of key personnel, resumes and certificates of the proposed project department, and the technical bid accounts for 20% to 30% of the factors that win the bid; business tender.

5. The following is the method of how to make the bidding documents: according to the bidding documents, count the materials needed for bidding and make a list. When the computer is turned on and Word is used to make the tender book, the cover tender book is made first, and the typographic font of the tender document is selected in large black and bold font. The bidding project, the bidding unit and the legal representative of the tender are listed on the cover.

How to write the brightening construction plan

1. Trench excavation a. The width of the trench is 400mm, and the depth is greater than 450mm. b. When excavation, draw the control line with a ruler, determine the direction of the trench, and do not destroy the landscape and underground facilities. c. The soil is rammed during backfilling and restored with concrete mortar through the grooves of the hard pavement.

2. Considering the viewing angle, the concealment of the installation of standard lamps and lanterns in strict construction is the key point to determine the charm of the building during the day and the image at night. The light source of the lamps and lanterns is covertly installed, and it is necessary to hide the lamps and wires reasonably. It not only maintains the original appearance of the building, but also protects the wires effectively and reasonably.

3. The use of lighting color the color of lighting is instructive, emotional and symbolic. The ingenious use of lighting color is one of the important means to express architectural culture and characteristics in the whole building lighting design scheme, which plays a key role in shaping the perfect image and classical atmosphere of the building and enhancing the attractiveness of the building.

4, the scale of ① brightening project mileage XXX km; ② solar street lamp XXXX set; design standards and implementation plan solar street lamp installed on both sides of the highway, a set of longitudinal spacing of XXX meters, horizontal position installed in the kerb on both sides of the highway. The height of the lamp pole is XXX meters, the height of the lighting lamp is XX meters.

5. Second, safety principle. There are many safety accidents caused by night lighting in cities all over the country. Therefore, the design of urban lighting project should be equipped with grounding system and leakage protection to ensure the safety of electrical construction.

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