Can 400v15uf capacitors be replaced by 400v6.8 and 4.7uf when the capacitance is broken?

1. Ask friends: capacitance replacement, first of all, the voltage must be the same. The capacity difference between the two capacitors is 1UF. The theory is interchangeable, but it is recommended to use 8UF.

2. Ask friends: capacitance replacement, first of all, the voltage must be the same. The capacity difference between the two capacitors is 1uf. The theory is interchangeable, but it is recommended to use 8uf.

3, yes, 400V10UF can also be, the capacity is larger, the circuit is also stable.

It can be said that the bigger the better. Due to the consideration of cost and volume, the capacitance in the lamp produced by the manufacturer is just enough.

Who can explain this circuit diagram for me?

The figure is a sequential start reverse stop circuit. Press SB11,KM1 to get electrosuction and self-lock, M1 to run; press SB21,KM2 to electrosuction and self-lock, M2 to run. Press SB22,KM2 power loss reset, M2 stop; press SB12,KM1 power loss reset, M1 stop.

You ask: who can help me explain the details of this circuit diagram? according to the electronic drawing you provided, because the letters of the control components in the drawing are too small to see clearly the specifications and models of the electronic components.

This is a forward and reverse control circuit. QS is the master switch. KM1 and its corresponding contacts are positive control, while KM2 and its corresponding contacts are reverse control. SBSB2 is the forward and reverse control switch button, SB and dotted line connect 8-contact interlock contacts to ensure that KMKM2 will not be powered at the same time. KMKM2 is the self-protection contact.

Which high-frequency and high-speed circuit board is better?

1, product positioning: Jiali Chuang is mainly for the high-end market, providing high-quality, high-reliability PCB products and services, including high-speed circuit boards, high-density printed boards, high-reliability PCB, etc.; Huaqiu PCB is mainly for the middle and low-end market, with a wider product line, including single-panel, double-panel, multi-layer board and so on.

2. At present, we can achieve 18 layers at most, and we mainly have to look at the data design. the more layers we have, the higher the requirements for linewidth and distance.

3. PCB (Printed Circuit Board), the Chinese name for printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, is an important electronic component, the support of electronic components, and the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called a “printed” circuit board.

4, do PCB copy board word-of-mouth better, introduce? CB copy board is in the case of existing PCB circuit board, clone the circuit board, make a prototype, replace the components, make a BOM list, make a PCB file, export the schematic diagram. The one with a good reputation in the industry should be Comaolong in Shenzhen.

5. It is very important to implement lean management and carry out lean layout in advance. Then manage visualization. Visualization is to simplify the problem and manage it with the eyes. Visualization is also the embodiment of the enterprise management atmosphere of pcb manufacturers and the intuitive transmission of management level.

… The circuit diagram of the lamp, which I drew according to the circuit board, should be resistance, capacitance and step-down. Now turn off the switch and give.

R2 resistance burns out, is d4 normal? R2 should be the charging instruction.

The capacitive reactance step-down formula C1 (uf) = 15i (A) under the condition of 220V uf 50HZ AC power supply for example: the current of each LED is; the current of the C1=30.025A*15=0.375uf series circuit is equal everywhere, so no matter how many are in series, the total current is the current flowing through a LED.

Generally speaking, the capacitor fails, because it bears a higher voltage for a long time, which can easily lead to breakdown.

The circuit diagram is wrong, and the Zener diode is placed in the wrong position, which should be in front of the rectifier diode rather than behind the rectifier diode. Your circuit is commonly known as the capacitor top dead due to the poor discharge of the negative half-wave capacitor (the current-limiting capacitor is discharged by a 560K resistance in the negative half-wave).

The schematic diagram of the sound control lamp is as follows: after 220V AC passes through the bulb H and the rectifier, it becomes a DC pulsating voltage, which is added to the thyristor VS and R branch as a forward bias.

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