Will the line-mounted lights not be bright enough?

1. Linear lamp band as the basic lighting, the brightness is no problem at all. In the field of international interior design, there are more and more cutting-edge design cases that only use linear lights as the main lighting of space. The key point is: as long as the right lamp is selected and well designed, the linear light belt can shoulder the responsibility of space basic lighting.

2, OK, my living room installed Sanfeng linear lights, can be customized dimming, bright and dark, see what you need, there will not be enough light. Big. Good.

3, with linear lights, you will think that the brightness will not be enough, you can choose a larger wattage lamp will be brighter, you can choose according to your own needs.

4. Enough. Jiacheng no main lamp decoration LED linear lights, generally use relatively moderate power LED linear lights, commonly used LED linear lights generally have five specifications: 1 watt per meter, 12 watts per meter, 10 watts per meter, 8 watts per meter and 5 watts per meter.

How to adjust the brightness when the linear lamp is lengthened

1. This depends on how many watts of lamp beads you use, and then how many watts of drive, either increase the number of watts or increase the driving current. However, it is not recommended to adjust the driving current. If the driving current is increased, the lamp beads will burn quickly.

2. There are four ways to adjust the brightness of track lights: switch dimming. Switch dimming is dimming through the power switch of the original lamp, and there is no need to add any dimmer when using and installing. as long as you keep pressing the number and speed of the original power switch, you can achieve the dimming of lighting lamps to meet the different brightness of personal needs.

3. Adjust the voltage: change the brightness of the lamp by adjusting the voltage. This method requires the use of adjustable power supply or transformer and other equipment to adjust the voltage to an appropriate range, so as to achieve the brightness adjustment of the lamp. By adjusting the current: by adjusting the current to change the brightness of the lamp.

4. The lighting of linear lights can be realized by single-chip microcomputer programming. if you use LED advertising light source, you can use LED full-color lamp string to realize lighting and turning off and various color changes through the control system.

5, LED light strip monochromatic, directly connected to the switch power supply, the brightness can not be adjusted, only in the LED lamp strip and switching power supply between the addition of a dimmer, by adjusting the dimmer knob, you can adjust the brightness of the LED lamp strip.

The difference between stepless brightness adjustment and linear brightness adjustment

1. One is automatic and the other is manual. Automatic dimming is not manual intervention, lighting equipment automatically dimming color, stepless dimming is the need for manual dimming. Dimming, light and dark adjustment, refers to the lighting source in accordance with external or internal commands to adjust the brightness, the general common adjustment methods are, continuous adjustment and step-by-step adjustment.

2. Stepless dimming, NiteCoreExtreme in English, uses a unique digital stepless dimming system technology, users only need to rotate the lamp holder to customize the brightness setting. The luminance transition is smooth and there is no preset luminance limit.

3. Stepless dimming means that the brightness transition of the lamp is smooth and there is no preset brightness limit. Traditional lamps and lanterns have only one brightness level or several brightness levels, which need to be controlled by the switch. Different levels are set to different brightness levels.

4. Analog dimming means that the control signal is analog rather than digital. At a certain brightness, the brightness of the lamp is the same for any length of time, which is the meaning of “simulation”. Analog dimming can be step-by-step or stepless.

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