Led floodlight 240w manufacturer

1. Next, the editor will introduce some manufacturers that produce led floodlights 240w.

2. The price of the led floodlight bulb produced by the manufacturer is 0.8 yuan per unit, the price source network, for reference only.

3, the following editor will introduce to you what led spotlight manufacturers have.

4. Floodlight manufacturer Shenzhen Tianyouzhiguang Industrial Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LED lighting production and sales, which integrates research and development, production and sales.

5. Changzhou Fuyun Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Changzhou Yashi Lamps Factory, located in Changzhou, a water village in the south of the Yangtze River, is a manufacturer of induction lamps and their special lamps and lanterns integrating research, development, production and sales. The company has advanced induction lamp lighting appliances, induction lamp special lamps and electrostatic spraying, lamps and lanterns installation assembly line.

6. The price of ordinary floodlights produced by manufacturers is 220 yuan per unit, the price source network, for reference only.

Outdoor engineering lighting manufacturer

1. Shenzhen Qianbaihui Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Qianbaihui Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. is a relatively large led lighting manufacturer in the Pearl River Delta, which is more comprehensive, mainly engaged in lighting equipment research and development and manufacturing, lighting engineering design and construction, R & D, sales and service integration manufacturers.

2. Shenzhen Lantern Technology Co., Ltd. Manufacturer profile: Shenzhen Lantern Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is a company specializing in the production of LED lighting products, its products are not only a variety of styles, and the quality and performance are very good, its products are widely used in municipal lighting.

3. Led Outdoor Lighting Factory is a professional company specializing in urban night scene lighting project, outdoor floodlighting of buildings, road lighting, parks, squares, bridges, various art landscape lighting, large-scale festival lighting production, commercial space lighting and so on.

4. Manufacturer: Shenzhen Maiken Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Address: Guangdong Shenzhen LED projection lamp adopts high-quality aluminum material thickening treatment, selects imported LED crystal element chip, multiple protection function, sturdy and durable, can be used for underwater operation, outdoor lighting, engineering lighting, etc., long irradiation distance, a wide range of uses.

5. Outdoor lighting manufacturers include Zhongshan Windham Lighting Design Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Lantern Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Mantingfang Lighting Electrical Appliance Factory and so on.

6. The location of the ancient town Rongxin Lighting Factory is in the ancient town of Zhongshan in China, which is known as the “lighting capital” of our country. Guzhen Rongxin Lighting Factory mainly produces street lamps and all kinds of led outdoor lighting, is a more professional lighting manufacturers. Production and sales are of high quality, with engineering facilities.

Brief introduction of Jingying Lighting Company

Hangzhou Jingying Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Hongfeng Road, Linping Industrial Zone, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is a Sino-foreign joint venture specialized in R & D, manufacturing and sales of energy-saving lamps. The company was founded in 1995, the existing plant area of 28000 square meters, annual output of 50 million energy-saving lamps and other products.

Jingying Lighting was founded in 1995, is a manufacturing and research and development of LED lighting technology of a high-tech enterprise, production and sales including LED bulb lamp, LED spotlight, LED downlight, LED ceiling lamp, LED lamp belt and other LED lamps.

Manufacturer’s Price recommendation of High Power led Point Light Source

The unit price of the company’s high-power led lamp beads is 50 yuan / piece, supporting the wholesale and retail of products, and the wholesale price is more favorable.

The price of high-power led lighting produced by the factory is 15 yuan each, and the price comes from the network, for reference only. Jiangxi Pailide Lighting Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional lighting lamps and aluminum alloy flashlights integrating scientific research, production and sales.

Reference price: 48 yuan / only is the reference price of LED high-power spotlights that Xiaobian wants to provide to you, as well as the manufacturer’s recommendation, friends in need can compare the quality and price of these manufacturers’ products, and then choose and buy.

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