What is the led eye protection lamp? how about the led eye protection lamp?

1. Because the LED eye protection lamp uses DC power supply, it can achieve no strobe. However, we should know that if the LED eye protection lamp uses a bad driver, its strobe is even faster than the incandescent lamp.

2. LED eye protection table lamp is an energy-saving eye protection table lamp with LED as light source. LED is a kind of solid-state semiconductor device, which can convert electricity into light directly.

3. Led eye protection lamp is actually an energy-saving eye protection lamp made of LED (light emitting diode) as light source. And led semiconductor devices are solid, it can directly convert electrical energy into light energy.

4. The trial should be good. LED light luminous surface range control is better than the traditional eye protection lamp, but the control will not let the light direct to the eyes, the eyes will not have glare. Compared with the traditional eye protection lamp, the service life is longer. More energy-efficient.

5, led eye protection table lamp its light source is a semiconductor light source, this semiconductor light source it needs DC power supply, this way can completely eliminate electromagnetic radiation and stroboscopic harmful things to the human body.

6. LED lamp is a semiconductor chip of electroluminescent material, which is solidified on the bracket with silver glue or white glue, then connects the chip and circuit board with silver or gold wire, and is sealed with epoxy resin to protect the internal core wire. Finally, the shell is installed, so the anti-seismic performance of LED lamp is good.

How to prevent glare from led lamp?

1. For large luminous surface lamps such as panel lights, the line lights should be realized by using plates that can suppress large-angle light. You can consult Jiankun optical hexagonal prism anti-glare plate: control high-angle light, enhance central light, and assist in the realization of UGR19 or 16.

2, glare has a great relationship with the lens, basically every buried lamp will have some, but relatively less, currently used is the transparent glass frosted treatment, and then the lens to choose that piece.

3. As an LED lamp manufacturer, this can be avoided. For example: the lens used can choose to be an uneven optical lens, or the tempered glass of lamps and lanterns is frosted.

What is anti-glare and why choose anti-glare lights?

Correct anti-glare means that the side look is not dazzling, remember that the side lamp does not prick the eye, it can also be said that there is no afterglow dazzling. Then why do many LED lights on the market look dazzling? There are two reasons: 1: the depth of the reflector cup is so shallow that the LED chip can be directly seen by the naked eye, but this situation is generally relatively rare.

Anti-glare refers to the effective reduction of bad lighting phenomenon. “glare” is a bad lighting phenomenon, when the brightness of the light source is extremely high or the brightness difference between the background and the center of the field of view is large, it will produce “glare”. The “glare” phenomenon affects not only viewing, but also visual health.

Anti-glare means to effectively reduce bad visual phenomena. Glare is a visual phenomenon that occurs when the brightness of the light source is extremely high, or when the brightness difference between the background and the center of the visual field is large. Glare phenomenon not only hinders viewing, but also has a certain impact on vision, which is one of the important causes of visual fatigue.

Glare will cause discomfort to the eyes, serious will damage vision, especially long-term exposure to glare pollution, will make young people easy to suffer from myopia, the risk of cataract in the elderly greatly increases the risk of glare is effective to reduce this effect. You can see it even in the sun. For example: anti-glare display screen.

Is the anti-dazzling tube lamp on?

Anti-dazzling tube lamp bright anti-glare LED downlight high brightness, lens using large-size chip, light efficiency of 98 lumens per watt. The life of the anti-glare LED downlight is long, and the life of the 100% anti-glare tube lamp is more than 50, 000 hours.

The brightness is the same. At the same power, the brightness of the anti-glare downlight is the same as that of the ordinary downlight.

The downlight is on for a while, but there are two reasons why it doesn’t work. 1. The quality of the downlight is not good, and the light bulb is broken after being electrified. 2, the power supply line is falsely connected, and the current is too large to open and trip. Solution, check to see what is the problem, solve this problem, you can solve the problem that the downlight is not on.

In most cases, the precision of the reflective cup mold is not high enough, the electrocoating (mirror layer) is not smooth enough, and the reflective cup principle is caused, the light source will not all reflect through the designed route, and some of the light sources will reflect randomly, and there will be afterlight entering the eyes, causing dizziness.

How to tell whether the led lamps and lanterns are glare, is there a standard?

1. For LED light source with high luminous efficiency, the luminous efficiency of LED light source is at least higher than that of 110LM/W. Please note that the luminous efficiency marked by some lamps is actually the luminous efficiency of the LED light source, if so, our LED bulb luminous efficiency will exceed that of 130LM/W.

2, led lamps inspection standards are as follows: material led energy-saving lamps can be made into spherical straight tube and other shapes, to straight-tube LED energy-saving lamps, for example, its shape is the same as ordinary fluorescent tubes, fluorescent lamp tubular transparent PC polymer shell will be the power module and light-emitting diode wrapped inside.

3. According to the order of hazard risk from low to high, the retinal blue light hazard groups are RG0,RG1,RG2 and RG3. According to the current safety standards, the blue light hazard group of LED lamps and lanterns can not exceed RG1 or RG2.

4. Look at the workmanship of the lamp body and drive. The led products produced by large factories will be much finer than those from small workshops, and the material of led driving shell is also better, generally large factories use flame retardant materials, small factories’ lamp bodies are relatively rough, and ordinary plastics are used for driving. Look at the drive.

5. The identification standard of LED soft light strip. The chips used in the LED soft lamp strip are domestic and Taiwan chips, as well as imported chips (including American chip Xuming, Japanese chip Niya, German chip, etc.). The price varies greatly from chip to chip.

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