What are the advantages of anti-glare tube lamp how to buy anti-glare tube lamp

1. Anti-glare downlights provide better visual experience for the audience. The anti-glare glass reduces the reflectivity of the glass surface by ≤ 2%, the light transmittance ≥ 80, and the gloss ≥ 60. Anti-glare lamp, no glare, no ghosting, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, energy saving, safety, reliability.

2. What are the brands of anti-glare tube lamps? Panasonic. Panasonic Panasonic is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. The Chinese word for Panasonic is Panasonic. In the early days, it was called National. It was gradually changed to Panasonic in 1986 and unified to Panasonic since October 1st, 2008. Opal.

3. Anti-glare tube lamp, open hole, draw line and open hole on the ceiling according to the size and installation position of downlight. Connect the reserved power cord in the chandelier with the downlight. Adjust and adjust the butterfly nut of the downlight fixing Reed so that the height of the Reed is the same as the thickness of the chandelier.

4. How to choose and buy anti-glare downlights? The material of the panel: generally there are the following kinds: iron sheet, die-casting aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel. Tin home decoration as little as possible, more used in tooling, home decoration is recommended to choose die-casting aluminum, aluminum or stainless steel.

Which is brighter, anti-glare downlight or ordinary downlight?

Compared with the traditional, anti-glare downlight has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, no glare, high color rendering index and soft light. The installation, appearance and size are the same as the traditional downlight.

Compared with ordinary glass, it has a lower reflectance, so that the reflectivity of light is reduced to less than 1%, thus reducing the interference of ambient light. Its effect is to improve the clarity and energy of the picture, reduce the reflection of the screen, and make the image more clear and realistic. It’s also a good effect.

Compared with ordinary glass, it has lower reflectivity and can reduce the reflectivity of light to less than 1%, thus reducing the interference of ambient light. The advantage of anti-glare tube lamp is to improve the clarity and energy of the picture, and to reduce the reflection of the picture, making the image clearer and more realistic. That’s good, too.

Many LED lights on the market will look dazzling. In most cases, the precision of the reflective cup mold is not high enough, the electrocoating (mirror layer) is not smooth enough, and the reflective cup principle is caused, the light source will not all reflect through the designed route, and some of the light sources will reflect randomly, and there will be afterlight entering the eyes, causing dizziness.

Downlight: the anti-glare effect of large beam angle is relatively weak, usually by making deep holes to improve the anti-glare effect and improve the overall space brightness (downlights need anti-glare to remember that deep holes are preferred) spotlights: the smaller the beam angle is, the more concentrated the beam angle. and the use of deep hole anti-glare cup design to achieve a good anti-glare effect.

Do downlights need to have anti-glare function?

1. The depth of the reflector cup is so shallow that the LED chip can be seen directly with the naked eye, but this situation is generally relatively rare.

2. Anti-glare refers to effectively reducing the phenomenon of bad lighting. “glare” is a bad lighting phenomenon, which will produce “glare” when the brightness of the light source is extremely high or the background brightness is large, and the center of the field of vision is large. Glare not only affects eyesight, but also affects eyesight health. Anti-glare is an effective way to reduce this effect.

3. Easy to use, anti-glare lamps and lanterns can achieve the effect of seeing the light without seeing the light, so staying in such a light for a long time in our home will not cause eye fatigue.

4, the downlight color rendering index used in general home decoration is about 80 is enough. If you want a higher color rendering index, you can use a high-end one, the color rendering index can reach 95, but the price is also several times.

5. at the same time, the synchronous work of the reflector, the central light intensity slowly weakens outward, the halo is natural and comfortable, which is undoubtedly a relatively high-quality spot effect. ●, but the light distribution of the spot is uneven, and there are serious dark spots.

What is an anti-glare tube lamp?

1. What are the advantages of anti-glare downlights? we know the products. Anti-glare glass is also called antireflective glass or non-reflective glass. It’s a good material. It is a kind of glass with special treatment on the surface of the glass. The principle is to process the high-quality glass on one side or both sides.

2. The anti-glare downlight is a kind of lighting lamp embedded in the ceiling. Anti-glare tube lamp is a kind of directional lighting with a beam angle of 120 °, more prominent lighting and high lumen, setting off a quiet environment. It is generally used as emphasis lighting + auxiliary lighting in non-main lighting space.

3. Anti-glare downlight is a kind of directional lighting embedded in the ceiling, which can achieve key lighting + auxiliary lighting in the non-main lighting space. Anti-glare tube lamp adopts deep tube anti-glare design, it uses high-quality light source, the light is soft and not dazzling. High color rendering index, can restore the most authentic color of the object.

4. Among them, it is a kind of glass which uses special treatment method to treat the glass surface. The principle is to handle high-quality glass on one or both sides. Compared with ordinary glass, it has lower reflectivity and can reduce the reflectivity of light to less than 1%, thus reducing the interference of ambient light.

Does a downlight with high brightness have to be dazzling?

1. Hurt. Cold white light is easy to excite people, and then affect the health of the eyes, dazzling shows that the luminous uneven, will cause visual fatigue. Living room lamps and lanterns can choose 18 watts or 40 watts, these two watts of living room lamps and lanterns are more commonly used.

2. No. The light is scattered and excessively soft, and the beam angle is generally scattered in 90 °~ 120 °tube light, which is suitable for auxiliary lighting to create a warm, soft and bright sense of space. The tube light beam angle of 90 degrees will not be dazzling. A downlight is a lamp with a screw holder that can be directly fitted with incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps.

3, spotlights or downlights which hurt the eyes 1 spotlights hurt the eyes more. Because the downlight is softer, it is more suitable for protecting the eyes. Spotlights are bright and dazzling, which is not conducive to the protection of eyes. The spotlight beam is a beam of acute angle light, which is relatively concentrated, while the downlight beam is wide-angle and slightly open in terms of astigmatism.

4. The circular lamp tube of the ceiling lamp has halogen powder and trichromatic powder, the tricolor powder lamp tube has good color rendering, high luminosity and slow light decay, while the halogen lamp tube has poor color rendering, low luminosity and fast light decay.

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