How should the lamps and lanterns in the new house be arranged? remember which of the following points to make your space bright and layered.

1, the foyer is to enter the room to give people the first impression of the place, the light should be bright, the position of the lamps and lanterns should be placed at the junction of the entrance and the interior space. Setting lights on cabinets or walls will give a sense of breadth in the hall. Ceiling lamp with wall lamp or spotlight, elegant and harmonious.

2. In general, the living room is the place where we receive guests or family gatherings, so the living room needs to be relatively bright, which mainly depends on the size of the lighting installed in our living room. If the living room is large, then I suggest you try to use several headlights to illuminate separately.

3. Also, if there are several corners of the living room that are motionless, it shows that they are the financial position of the family and should be carefully arranged and used. It is suggested that a lamp must be installed to illuminate this financial position. The proper use of lights to improve the magnetic field at home can not only magnify the sense of space, but also prevent villains from destroying their wealth.

What are the details of office lighting design?

1. The front desk of each company is the facade of the company, and this is the area where the corporate image is displayed. Therefore, in the design consideration of lighting lamps and lanterns to provide a certain amount of illuminance, but also requires lighting modeling diversification, increase the sense of design, so that lighting design and corporate image consistent.

2. The lighting of collective office should pay attention to the design principle of uniformity and comfort, and the arrangement of lamps and lanterns with uniform spacing should be adopted to make the light in the working area uniform and without glare. Conference room lights mainly consider the upper position of the conference table to make people feel central and centralized.

3. Pay attention to the lighting of the office the lighting of the manager’s office decoration should consider the illuminance of the desk, the illuminance of the meeting space and the necessary electrical equipment. The lighting of the conference room should take into account the lighting above the conference table in order to create a sense of center and concentration. Illuminance should be appropriate, and auxiliary lighting should be installed around it.

4. the enterprise should consider the lighting effect of lamps and lanterns in office decoration, including its lighting characteristics, lighting distribution, decoration color, material texture, decoration components and so on. Before adding a lamp, there must be clear requirements, or lighting or decoration.

5. How to design office lighting? Office lighting requires the selection of appropriate light source color temperature and color rendering index. In office space, the color temperature is 4000K and the color rendering index is Ra ≥ 75. Office lighting to lighting level: different environments, different places, the requirements of lighting are different.

Why should led classroom lamps and lanterns be anti-glare?

There are two reasons: 1: the depth of the reflector cup is so shallow that the LED chip can be directly seen by the naked eye, but this situation is generally relatively rare.

LED lamps and lanterns produce glare: mainly because the light source emitted by LED lamp beads is too bright and too dazzling. Make people disgusted or uncomfortable. As a LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer, this can be avoided. For example: the lens used can choose to be an uneven optical lens, or the tempered glass of lamps and lanterns is frosted.

Anti-glare refers to the effective reduction of bad lighting. “glare” is a bad lighting phenomenon, which will produce “glare” when the brightness of the light source is extremely high or the background brightness is large, and the center of the field of vision is large. Glare not only affects eyesight, but also affects eyesight health. Anti-glare is an effective way to reduce this effect.

Lighting design

Functional principle people will have different feelings in different environments, and human eyes will have different psychological feelings about light, shade and color.

Lighting design principle 1) aesthetic principle lighting design is an important means to decorate, beautify the environment and create an artistic atmosphere. In order to decorate and beautify the space, increase the sense of space layers and render the corresponding space atmosphere, it is very important to use decorative lighting.

Indirect lighting can be said to be a more flexible and interesting design element, can become the catalyst of the atmosphere, is the focus and theme of the room, but also can enhance the hierarchical sense of the existing decoration. Generally speaking, lighting arrangement can be divided into direct and indirect.

Beauty when we decorate the home, we all attach great importance to the aesthetics of the home design, because a beautiful design is the “facade” of our home! Therefore, when we design household lighting, the directivity of lighting light should not be too strong, so as not to cause heavy shadows and blunt shapes.

The third advanced method of lighting design is no main lamp lighting, abandon the single main light source, evenly arrange different light sources on the wall, roof and ground, and use the method of local lighting of basic lighting to make your home both bright and layered.

I want to buy a Songwei lamp recently. Does anyone know anything about its company?

1. Songwei: think from the dealer’s point of view and serve attentively. According to Meng Lijun, the channel service of Songwei high-end lighting is professional and systematic.

2. Songwei lamps and lanterns are good. Songwei lamps and lanterns belong to simple style, which I like very much, that is, it is very simple at first glance, but the more I see it, the more I like it, simple and generous.

3. It is recommended to buy the products of Songwei high-end lighting brand. First of all, there is no problem with the quality of the products. Before the company sells the products, they all undergo strict testing, and each product is sold only after obtaining the quality certificate.

4. Songwei Lighting is an alternative in the lighting industry, because Songwei Lighting specializes in household lighting, with no switches and sockets, no engineering lighting products, only modern simple lighting, Songwei Lighting is different from other brands of lamps. He really made the lighting into a work of art.

5. Friend, you asked the right person. I am 16 years joined by Songwei high-end lighting, their brand is very famous. The style of the product is simple and fashionable, and it is very popular with customers. A lot of people like to buy lights in my store when decorating, and business is super good.

How to prevent glare from led lamp?

For large luminous surface lamps such as panel lights, the line lights should be realized by using plates that can suppress large-angle light, you can consult Jiankun optical hexagonal prism anti-glare plate: control high-angle light, enhance the central light, and assist in the realization of UGR19 or 16.

Glare has a great relationship with the lens, basically every buried lamp will have some, but relatively less, currently used is the transparent glass frosted treatment, and then the lens to choose that piece.

As a LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer, this can be avoided. For example: the lens used can choose to be an uneven optical lens, or the tempered glass of lamps and lanterns is frosted.

Control mode: there are two control modes for LED wall washing lamp: internal control and external control. The internal control does not need the external controller, the designer designs the control system in the Xian wall lamp, the degree effect can not be changed. The external control is the external controller, and its effect can be changed by adjusting the keys of the main control.

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