LED Tri-proof lights are linear LED lights that have three proofing properties. The properties vary from company to company, however, generally, they have water, dust, and corrosion proofing applied. Some companies offer dust, ignition, shock, and moisture-proof LED lights as well. In short, a LED light that has at least three of these “proofing properties” is considered a LED Tri-proof light.

LED Tri-proof achieves high-quality proofing by deploying anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion materials into the build. They also use premium quality silicone seals to keep water and humidity from entering the internals and disrupting the optimal functioning.

What is a LED Tri-proof light?

Linear luminaires that are water-proof, dust-proof, and corrosion-proof are called LED Tri-proof lights. They can also boast a number of other features such as shockproofing, protection against surges, and moisture.

LED Tri-proof lights are also designed to endure high pressure. They also come with IP ratings such as IP65, IP66 and even reaching IP68 and IP69. This allows them to operate in extreme conditions at optimal performance without needing regular replacement. They are power efficient, especially when compared to regular halogen or fluorescent tube lights.

LED Tri-proof lights normally have “Tri” in their names, as that means three. They also have some variation of “proof” in the respective language of the country. Overall, they are universally called LED tri-proof lights in industries.

Properties of LED Tri-proof

A LED Tri-proof needs to have superior protection against the elements. Here are some of the protections a normal LED Tri-proof provides:

Dust Proofing – Being dustproof means that no solid particles can enter the light fixture. This results in a long-lasting light without the usual worry of it getting dim due to dust buildup.

Waterproofing – Waterproofing makes the light withstand exposure to water.

Corrosion Proofing – The light is protected against corrosion, either by natural weather or by industrial processes.

Ignition Proofing – This type of protection doesn’t produce any sparks, arcs, or high temperatures. So the lights are safe to use in gas stations as well as petrol pumps.

Shock Proofing – Shock proofing makes the LED Tri-proof lights more durable and allows them to withstand minor impacts without damaging the internal and external shell.

Moisture Proofing – High temperature steam and moisture can get inside even the toughest light enclosures. Being moisture proof makes the LED Tri-proof a great choice for industries that see high levels of humidity.

Benefits of the LED Tri-proof lights

There are several benefits of adopting a LED Tri-proof light system for your business, home, or storage space. Here are a couple that make them superior to normal lighting.


Generally, LED Tri-proof lights are over 80% more efficient than normal lights. The lights use low amount of power and can potentially save you money in power savings.


LED Tri-proof lights offer the best type of illumination despite using low power. They offer brightness of up to 7000 Lumens, which is more than enough for any large indoor space. Despite being bright, the lights don’t produce a lot of heat either, making them ideal to be used across industries.


The LED Tri-proof lights are also extremely durable. They have a life of around 75,000 hours, which is extremely long when compared to normal lighting solutions.


LED Tri-proof lights don’t produce ultra violet or infrared rays. This results in a healthier work environment. They are eco-friendly and don’t produce any harmful gases.

No Flickering

LED Tri-proof lights don’t produce flickering. The good quality drivers inside the lights completely prevent the stroboscopic phenomenon. This also results in low strain on the eyes during work hours.


The LED Tri-proof lights are made with quality materials and go through rigorous testing before packaging. They are usually coated with weather and element-resistant materials and have IP ratings for additional protection.


These lights are easily adaptable for a number of situations. From home use to industrial usage, the LED Tri-proof lights are a great way to ensure vigorous lighting at a fraction of the cost. There are multiple ways to mount a LED Tri-proof light including wall mounting, ceiling mounting, and suspension.


Types of LED Tri-proof lights in Markets

There are several types of LED Tri-proof lights available in the markets. All of them provide something unique to the end-user. Here are the mainstream LED Tri-proof light types:

1. Fluorescent Tri-proof Lights

The fluorescent Tri-proof lights were the first generation lights, they are outclassed and outmatched by the LED Tri-proof lights. However, the usability of the lights cannot be ignored, as they are still used in some harsh environments. The first generation of lights has 0-4 fluorescent lamps that are housed in a perfectly sealed outer shell.


  • Cost is cheap


  • Maintenance costs
  • Bad water resistance
  • Negative environmental impact


2. LED Tube Tri-proof Lights

The Tube type LED Tri-proof lights were the first to replace fluorescent-type light fixtures. As this was the first generation LED, it simply removed the fluorescent tubes and replaced them with LED tubes. While replacing the light source is simple in this scenario, especially if you are upgrading from old fluorescent tube lights, replacing the wiring, is not. You’ll need to redesign the whole wiring diagram made especially for LED Tri-proof lights.


  • Low cost
  • Easy replacement


  • Wiring is not simple
  • Limited output as well as wattage
  • Outdated lighting solution


3. LED Tri-proof Light with Integrated PC

These LED Tri-proof lights follow the same design as the Tube LED Tri-proof lights, with the main difference being LED Modules. The tubes are replaced with modules that contain the LED driver and the LED board. All elements are combined in an integrated lighting fixture. The integrated fixtures are a modern take on LED lights and can have the latest features like on/off sensors, motion sensor, dimming feature, and emergency backup. The lights can also draw up to 80 watts if needed and can reach lengths of up to 1800 mm.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Brighter light output
  • Extra features


  • The wiring method is not easy
  • The material used is PC

4. LED Tri-proof Aluminum Lights

These LED Tri-proof lights are redesigned and come with a modern look. The aluminum housing is not only great for heat dissipation but also provides a unique aesthetic. The LED Tri-proof aluminum lights come with caps on each end for sealing. The LEDs have a longer life span simply because aluminum is a great conductor of heat. Features like motion sensor, on/off sensor, emergency backup, and dimming can be further added to the light making it more versatile.


  • Aluminum build
  • Extra added features
  • Brighter light output


  • Expensive price

5. LED Tri-proof Slim Batten Light

The slim batten lights are flatter and shorter. The slim design also requires less material to make and is cost-effective. The lights are great in places where space is an issue and still need good quality lighting. The smaller size while great is also the biggest drawback of the LED Tri-proof slim batten light. Small size means it won’t be able to house higher wattage lights. The highest light efficiency is 110 lumens per watt on a slim LED Tri-proof light.


  • Takes less space
  • Cost-effective


  • Low wattage
  • Low light efficiency


6. Aluminum Lights with Detachable End Caps

The LED Tri-proof Aluminum lights with detachable end caps makes wiring and installation a lot easier. You’ll be able to do wiring according to the installation requirements, this, in turn, saves you time and money. They are also great lights to link together and save on wiring costs. Depending on the wattage, you can easily link up to 15 lights together.


  • Easy and fast installation
  • Can be linked in a chain
  • Extra features


  • Can be expensive


7. IP69K LED Tri-proof lights

Normally LED Tri-proof lights are IP65 or IP66 and those are more than enough for normal installations. However, some industries require the lights to be washed and cleaned thoroughly. Industries related to food and medicine regularly have to sanitize the whole plant, and this is where the IP69K lights come into play. These lights are especially designed to endure high temperatures as well as high pressures. This means you can easily use a pressure hose to wash these lights. Most IP69K LED Tri-proof lights are round and usually suspended.


  • Made for extreme conditions
  • Can endure high pressure


  • Price not cheap

8. LED Tri-proof Light IP65 Smart Tubular

The LED Tri-proof light IP65 Smart Tdesigned ubular is especially to be used in harsh environments that need added protection. The chassis of this LED light is made from a single mold, this combined with end-caps that are securely fixed provides excellent protection against dust and water. The best part of the LED Tri-proof light IP65 Smart Tubular is the ability to select color right on the site by using a DIP switch. The design also allows the light to be freely rotated, fixed on a wall, or hung from the ceiling. The light can also be rotated after installation, giving users more flexibility.



  • New and modern design
  • Can be adjusted after installation
  • Has IP65 and IK10 rating



  • price not cheap

LED Tri-proof lights Uses

A lot of places use LED Tri-proof lights, here are a few use cases:

Garages and Parking Lots – Parking areas, especially that are indoor, need proper lighting. Good light in those areas is a deterrent to incidents. Temperatures can also rise high in parking lots, more so during the summer. An LED Tri-proof light is capable of producing ample light as well as withstand high temperatures

Sheds and Barns – Many LED Tri-proof lights are designed to be used in poultry sheds, farmhouses, and barns. Some lights come with IP69K and IK10 protection, so you can easily clean them. They also don’t produce a lot of heat, so you won’t have to worry about your barn catching on fire. Poultry sheds require humidity control and the lights are capable of avoiding any moisture.

Car Washes and Gas Stations – LED Tri-proof lights are capable of withstanding high pressures. So they are ideal for car washes. The lights are waterproof and sturdy, so any splashes won’t do anything to it. The lights also don’t emit any harmful gases or produce heat. There are no sparks, arcs, or electrical buzzes, this means zero chances of fuel ignition in gas stations.

Supermarkets and Warehouses – LED Tri-proof lights are cost efficient to run all day long. They have a long life and run quietly. They also don’t produce a lot of heat, so supermarkets and warehouses won’t need to keep their central cooling lower to compensate. More light means fewer chances of accidents as well.

In short, LED Tri-proof lights can be used in a number of environments. These include slaughter houses, subways, factories, medical industries, labs, tunnels, compounds, and power stations.


LED Tri-proof lights are a cost-effective lighting solution that doesn’t need regular maintenance and won’t need replacements for a long time. This one time investment can yield tangible results in not only your sales, but also power savings. The better the light, the better the performance.

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