LED Batten Light: Everything You Need To Know

LED Batten Lights are gaining popularity in both commercial and domestic uses. The power-efficient lights are great for public spaces, providing good quality even lighting at almost half the running cost. Spaces like car parking, schools, hospitals, streets, underground walkways, subway stations, and more are quickly turning to LED batten lights for their illumination needs. An LED batten light of today is brighter and more energy-efficient than the best fluorescent lights, and this is exactly why they are in so much demand. This guide will discuss LED batten lights in great detail, so you can make an educated and hopefully fruitful purchase decision.

LED Batten Light – What is LED Batten Light?

LED batten light is a linear luminaire that comes with a fixture fitted with light-emitting diodes as its light source. In layman’s terms, an LED batten light is shaped like a flat batten and is fully integrated, this means the light source and the fitting come in a single package. Usually, there are no tubes to be replaced in this kind of minimalistic light fixture.

Good quality LED batten lights produce a spot-free and flicker-free lighting experience. The lights can be fixed on the ceiling of any structure, be it a personal room or a large common hall. As the lights are efficient in power saving and can last a long time, they are perfect for replacing aged fluorescent tube lights that need regular maintenance or replacements.

Some LED Batten lights come with IP certifications. That means they are protected against external elements and can withstand certain extreme conditions. Typically, high-quality Batten lights have an IP65 rating.

Properties of LED Batten Lights

Several properties are essential to LED batten lights and should be considered when making a purchasing decision. Not all LED batten lights will have all properties, but even if they have a couple you require, they will make a great lighting fixture in your workplace or personal space. Here are a few properties that you should consider before buying:

Lumens – Lumens are the unit of brightness and the higher it is, the more light an LED batten light will produce. Usually, people look at the wattage of light to determine the brightness of a fixture. However, in the case of an LED batten light, wattage isn’t an accurate measure of brightness. Most lights will have clear labels declaring the lumens.

Color – Another great feature of LED batten lights is the range of colors it offers. If you don’t want to go with the stark white glow of traditional LED lights, you can opt for a warmer yellowish tone. The yellow tone is more akin to incandescent lights and is easier on the eyes for extended periods. The color is represented on the Kelvin scale, the higher it is, the bluish the light will be. White LED lights range from 3500 to 4100K, blue ones have a range of 5000 to 6500K and yellow lights have a lower range of 2700 to 3000K.

Color Rendering Index – Every batten LED light comes with a score of CRI. It is the index that measures a light’s ability to represent various colors. CRI that’s closer to natural colors is recommended.

Chip Quality – The higher the LED chip, the better the batten light will perform. Good quality LED chips not only increase the efficiency of the LED but also degrade at a slower rate overtime. If you want to maintain a consistent lighting quality, a good chip is going to be detrimental.

Beam Angle – A wider beam angle can flood the space with light and is accordingly called a floodlight. While a narrower beam targets a small area with light and is called a spotlight. Both types have a place and uses. For example, a floodlight would be a good choice for a parking lot, while a more focused spotlight is great for offices.

Dim-able – Many LED Batten lights come with dimmer switches that directly control how much light they produce. The amount of light can be changed using the switches, and the illumination can change how a room feels and looks.

Durability – LED batten lights usually have a lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours, which can easily translate to 10-12 years. This is a lot more than standard fluorescent lights. If the LED batten light comes with an equally good quality heat sink, the durability is increased. A heat sink can effectively whisk heat away from the LEDs and the LED chip, therefore prolonging optimal operation.

Sizes and Lengths of LED Batten Lights

LED batten lights are available in a couple of different sizes and lengths. Let’s take a look at the sizes:


The slimline LED batten lights often come with a lightweight aluminum body combined with a polycarbonate diffuser. The LED lights inside the chassis are irreplaceable but have an A+ energy rating. The light can easily be installed thanks to its simple cable entry and mounting clips.


This variant is a simple, standard batten light that is usually seen in workshops, schools, hospitals, and car parks.

Wide Beam

The wide beam floodlights fill a space with uniform and flicker-free light. These are ideal for offices and schools.

Apart from the sizes, almost all the LED batten lights are available in 2, 4, 5, and 6 feet (1.83 m) variants.

Benefits of LED Batten Lights

There are a lot of tangible benefits of LED Batten lights, here are a few prominent ones:

Style – The biggest draw of LED batten lights is the design aesthetics. The compact and sleek design of the light can easily enhance the look of any space, whether indoor or outdoor.

Light Quality – LED batten lights produce spotless and flicker-free light that is not only easy on the eyes but also provides uniform luminosity. The uniform lighting is great for covering an area consistently.

Efficiency – LED batten lights use 50% less power compared to fluorescent tubes. More power savings and less heat produced combine to lower your cooling bill as well. LED lights also don’t have any start delay and can turn on as soon as you press the switch.

Life Duration – Compared to fluorescent tube lights which last around 20,000 hours, the LED batten lights can last 50,000 hours. That’s more than twice the life expectancy.

Eco-Friendly – LED batten lights don’t have any toxic chemicals involved in their construction. They do not emit any gasses and are non-toxic. The lights also don’t emit any kind of ultraviolet or infrared radiation. The lights also produce low amounts of heat, even when used for an extended period.

Types of Batten Lights

There are a couple of different types of Batten lights available in the market these days. Some are of the traditional fluorescent kind while others are modern LED kind. Let’s discuss the types and their uses, so you can make an informed decision:

1. Fluorescent Batten Fitting

The Fluorescent Batten Fitting replaced the old Fluorescent tube lights and provided good levels of illumination. They are also lead-free and have zero RF interference. The eco-friendly lights have a long lifespan and are ideally used in offices. The lights can easily be replaced, but are not as power-efficient as their LED counterparts.

2. LED Batten Lights with Diffuser

The LED batten lights with diffusers are small, compact, and well-designed. The lights are specially made to be used in industries and commercial settings. The smaller size makes them easier to install on any ceiling. The 2 part assembly allows for rapid installation. The lights usually offer a wide beam of light that can flood a large area. Many lights come with steel painted bodies, while higher quality ones like the Recolux LED Batten come with aluminum bodies, making them lighter and better at dissipating heat. The LED batten lights with diffusers are not affected by voltage fluctuations and thanks to their good build quality, can last more than 30,000 hours.

3. Weatherproof  LED Batten Lights

As the name suggests, the weatherproof LED batten lights come with extra features that protect them from the environment. The lights are made from premium quality polycarbonate materials and usually don’t require any sort of maintenance. The lights have an IP65 rating and therefore can withstand cold, humid, damp, or wet conditions with ease. The lights are designed to endure harsh weather conditions and are suitable to be used outdoors. Garages, parking lots, school grounds, parks, and gas stations can all benefit from a good quality weatherproof LED batten light.

These lights are also called Tri-Proof LED batten lights.

4. LED Emergency Batten Light

The LED emergency batten lights have internal power backups that can run the light for around 3 hours. These are ideal fixtures for offices, hospitals, and malls, especially near the emergency exits. The lights are weatherproof and can emit a natural-looking white light. Frequently, these lights are not dimmable but are made with good quality materials. The brightness of the lights isn’t a lot, especially when compared to other batten lights available in the market. Newer models of LED emergency batten lights come equipped with lithium-ion batteries and have a long life span.

Types of LED Stage Lighting Bars and Battens

LED stage lighting has revolutionized the way we illuminate performances, offering a wide array of options to enhance the visual experience. In this article, we will explore different types of LED stage lighting bars and battens, highlighting their unique features and benefits.

batten lighting

LED Batten Fixtures

LED batten fixtures are the modern counterparts of traditional fluorescent tube lights. These fixtures, commonly mounted in ceilings, come in various white color temperatures. They provide efficient and reliable lighting, ensuring a well-lit stage for performances. With their sleek design and versatility, LED batten fixtures have become a popular choice among stage managers and lighting professionals.

Color Mixing Lighting Bars

Color mixing lighting bars are designed to create captivating visual effects by blending different color hues. These fixtures allow for seamless transitions between colors, enabling stage designers to convey various emotions and expressions effectively. Unlike conventional stage light fixtures, color mixing lighting bars offer flexibility in illuminating the stage without being limited to a single color scheme.

Bar Lights

Bar lights play a crucial role in highlighting specific areas of the stage. With their precise lighting positioning, these fixtures ensure even visibility across the performance area. Available in rectangular and square shapes, bar lights offer a uniform distribution of light, enhancing the overall stage presence. Whether it’s illuminating a backdrop or accentuating props, bar lights deliver exceptional performance in a compact form.

Why Choose LED Light Fixtures

LED light fixtures have gained popularity among musicians, producers, event planners, and stage managers for several compelling reasons. Let’s explore why LED lighting has become the preferred choice for stage illumination:

  • Durability and Longevity: LED lighting is renowned for its durability and long lifespan. These fixtures outlast traditional lighting methods, resulting in cost savings in the long run.
  • Superior Color Brightness: LED light fixtures offer superior color brightness, allowing for vibrant and captivating visual displays. With a wide range of colors to choose from, stage designers can effortlessly create the desired atmosphere and set the mood for each event.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED fixtures consume less power compared to conventional lighting systems. This energy efficiency translates into cost savings on electricity bills, benefiting both stage managers and event organizers. Additionally, reduced energy consumption contributes to environmental sustainability.
  • Safety: LED lights generate less heat as they efficiently convert energy into light. This significantly reduces the risk of fire hazards, providing a safer environment for performances. LED fixtures are designed to comply with strict safety standards, giving peace of mind to stage managers and performers alike.

Recolux Batten Light

Recolux offers a wide variety of batten lights perfect for every situation. The lights are not only easy to unpack, but also easy to install. They come with wattage adjustment as well as a CCT dipswitch. The CCT Dipswitches allows users to control the flow of electricity around a printed circuit board, thus enabling higher levels of customization. The Recolux batten lights also come with Philips/Osram power drivers, which are some of the highest quality components available in the market.

On the lower wattage side, we have the B012-20-P that starts at 20 Watts but can be adjusted down to 17, 14, and 11 Watts using the switch. It produces 2600 lumens of brightness.

The higher wattage model is the B016-70-P which starts at 70 Watts and can be lowered gradually to 60, 50, and 40 Watts with the switch. Its maximum brightness is 10,000 lumens.

All the Recolux batten lights are made with premium-grade aluminum and polycarbonate materials.


LED batten lights provide a stylish solution to your lighting needs. They can be used in a variety of different scenarios and environments. Regardless of where they are installed or hung, they provide a steady and uniform illumination and add to the overall aesthetic of a place. Whether you install it in your office or the whole parking lot, LED batten lights are a source of good quality, spot-free, and flicker-free lighting. As a bonus, they save money by being energy efficient, all the while producing better and brighter light than older, traditional lighting solutions.

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