What are the types of lamps and lanterns? What should beginners pay attention to when buying lamps and lanterns?

1, the classification of lamps and lanterns which chandeliers are more suitable for use in the living room, the styles and styles of chandeliers are diverse, and the more common styles are Chinese-style chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, fashion chandeliers and so on. The chandelier used in the bedroom is divided into single-head chandelier and multi-head chandelier, the former is more used in the bedroom and dining room, and the latter should be installed in the living room.

2. Chandelier. All hanging lamps and lanterns are classified as chandeliers. Whether the chandelier is hung by wire or iron support, it cannot be hung too low, hindering people’s normal line of sight or making people feel dazzling. At present, the chandelier hangers have been installed with springs or height regulators, which can be suitable for different heights and needs. Ceiling Light.

3, what kind of lamps and lanterns wall lamp is installed in the bedroom, wall lamp installation height is not less than 8 meters from the ground, some wall lamp also with perpetual calendar, this kind of wall lamp decoration effect is very good, very popular with consumers.

4, check the lamp certificate to buy lamps and lanterns, to know that the price is cheap, the quality of lamps and lanterns is not good, now on the market many cheap quality lamps and lanterns, this kind of lamps and lanterns hidden dangers are endless. Therefore, when you choose and buy, you should check the lamp logo to see if there is a certificate, whether there is a 3C anti-counterfeiting logo, and so on.

5, lamps and lanterns mainly include the following categories: (1) chandelier characteristics chandelier suitable for the living room. Chandeliers have the most patterns, commonly used are European candlestick chandelier, Chinese chandelier, crystal chandelier, parchment chandelier, fashion chandelier, conical cover lantern, pointed flat cover lantern, waist cover lantern, pentagonal ball chandelier, magnolia cover lantern, olive chandelier and so on.

6, below we will bring you the types of lighting and the selection and purchase methods, hoping to help you.

What kinds of lamps and lanterns are there

1. Lighting fixturesThere are too many kinds.WasIt has many varieties.For example, in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, you can install chandeliers, ceiling lights, some table lamps or spotlights, downlights and so on.

2. What are the types of lamps and lanterns? lamps and lanterns are indispensable household items in our daily life. There are two kinds of chandeliers for living rooms: single-head chandelier and multi-head chandelier. Some houses have higher floor height, and the ceiling lamp pole needs longer. What are the types of sharing lights below?

3. Classification of lamps and lanterns there are many kinds of household lamps, including chandelier, floor lamp, wall lamp and so on.There are some kinds of lamps and lanterns, and we will tell you one by one below. Lamps and lanterns are necessary lighting supplies for every household, lamps and lanterns can be divided into many kinds according to structure, light source and shape, and then refined.

4, ceiling lamp ceiling lamp, also known as ceiling lamp, belongs to low-grade lamps and lanterns, generally installed directly to the ceiling. Used in aisles, corridors, balconies, toilets and other places. There are generally two kinds of lampshades: opalescent glass and PS board.

What are the types of lamps and lanterns?

1. According to different functions, lamps and lanterns can be divided into two types: architectural lamps and lanterns and decorative lamps.

2. Ceiling lantern: also known as ceiling lamp, it is widely used in foyer, aisle, kitchen, bath toilet, balcony and so on. Ceiling lantern is suitable for low-and medium-grade, ordinary decoration. Lampshade has two kinds of glass and PS board, milky white and ice flower style, the shape is square, oblong, round, spherical, cylindrical and so on.

3, lamps and lanterns are necessary lighting supplies for every household, lamps and lanterns according to the structure, light source, shape can be divided into many kinds, and then refined. According to the structural characteristics, ① is divided into chandelier, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, table lamp, downlight, spotlight, bath lamp (Yuba) and so on. ② according to the light source is divided into incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp and so on.

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