How does the embedded downlight in the picture fit without a ceiling?

How to install a downlight without a ceiling? if you install a downlight in this case, you need to first make a slot on the ceiling, and then pre-bury the wire tube. For the top wire, you need to use a sheath wire, fix it in the position of the top slot, and then use gypsum powder and putty powder to avoid the slot.

There are no restrictions on the installation and use of downlights. The function of the downlight is to supplement the light, such as a downlight can be placed where the lighting is insufficient. Or feel that the original lamp is more power-consuming, you can install downlight to use.

Can you make embedded lamps and lanterns without a ceiling? First, unscrew the bottom of the downlight counterclockwise, then unscrew it, and then mark the hole formed by the base on the ceiling or wall. Then remove the bottom plate, drill a hole in the marked hole with an electric drill, and then hammer the embedded part.

Opening in the ceiling: when designing the ceiling grille, the position of the embedded lamp should be taken into account. At the ceiling lamp, the grille makes a hole frame with the peripheral size of the lamp, which can be used not only as the installation connection structure of the lamp, but also as the closing structure of the ceiling surface layer.

Advantages and disadvantages of embedded lamp

The disadvantage is that the circuit needs to be planned in advance, the location can not be changed at will, and it is difficult to maintain and replace the lamps and lanterns. The advantage of the embedded line lamp is that it can change the position at will according to the needs, and it is also more convenient to maintain and replace the lamps and lanterns, which is suitable for the transformation of old houses.

Embedded lamp: the installation mode of embedded lamp is to dig grooves in the ceiling and bury the lamp body, which can be seamlessly combined with the ceiling. Semi-embedded lamp: its installation requires a hole in the ceiling, and the lamp body is half inside and half outside the ceiling.

The embedded spotlight is better, hidden, the overall vertical effect is good, and the embedded spotlight of the moon shadow lighting is of good quality.

Or an ordinary PVC board ceiling? If it is an integrated ceiling, it is recommended to put embedded lights, if it is an ordinary PVC ceiling, it is recommended to install ceiling lights.

Living room crystal lamp effect picture modern living room crystal lamp picture collection

1. This crystal chandelier uses gold lamp arm to make the lamp body feel more exquisite and ornamental, and the lamp rack is treated with paint and rust prevention. K9 crystal material, very bright and shiny. Suitable for use in living room, dining room, aisle lamp position.

2, living room crystal lamp effect figure 1 this living room crystal lamp, the appearance is very atmospheric, transparent white crystal beads, giving people a simple but elegant feeling, the unique shape with many small crystal beads, making the whole living room more gentle and elegant.

3, modern living room chandelier picture three pictures of this crystal chandelier, European style is consistent with the style of the living room, the shape is also very unique, hanging crystal glass beads, so that the living room appears to be full of modern feeling, is a very personalized lighting, lighting the crystal lamp, the whole living room is dreamy and beautiful.

4. In the picture, the crystal chandelier composed of crystal bars reflects the style of the living room and enhances the overall visual senses, just right. The living room crystal lamp picture 50% vertebra shape living room crystal lamp, its glittering and translucent feeling, neutralizes the gorgeous feeling, with the right noble feeling.

What’s the difference between an embedded strip lamp slot with or without a card edge in the ceiling?

1. Embedded: smooth appearance and strong decoration. The ceiling will not protrude, it is suitable for rooms with air conditioning and ceiling, and it often needs to be used in conjunction with other lighting, the module style is changeable, the shape is changeable, with all kinds of exquisite craftsmanship, and the decorative substrate can be cut freely. It can be installed on the gypsum roof alone, convenient and fast.

2. Unframed. The line lamp slot is equipped with a frame, which is not beautiful, and it is more laborious to install it. The line lamp slot home decoration is frameless, beautiful, generous and labor-saving when installing.

3. There are differences in shape. Edge lamp beads have protruding edges, while borderless lamp beads do not have protruding edges. In addition, there will be some differences in the angle of protruding edges, which is determined according to the developer and has no effect on the role of lamp beads.

4. Ceiling installation refers to directly fixing the lamp body on the ceiling with screws to expose the lamp body, also known as bright-mounted lamps and lanterns; ceiling installation does not need to drill holes in the ceiling ~ embedded installation refers to the need for screws but directly stuck to the ceiling opening lamp position through clamping springs or other card shrapnel, also known as concealed lamps.

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