Types of lighting fixtures

Lighting types-Wall lamps commonly used are double-head magnolia wall lamp, double-head olive wall lamp, double-head drum wall lamp, double-head lace cup wall lamp, jade pillar wall lamp, mirror front wall lamp and so on. The installation height of the wall lamp, its bulb should be not less than 8 meters from the ground. Suitable for bedroom, bathroom, aisle, balcony lighting.

Generally speaking, the lighting lamps and lanterns used in the family room are classified as chandelier, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, table lamp, downlight and so on. The following editor has prepared a complete collection of lighting lanterns for you.

The lamps and lanterns commonly used in the family room can be divided into the following types according to function and layout: chandelier: there are multiple chandeliers and single-head chandeliers, the former for the living room and the latter for the bedroom or dining room. Some install the light bulb in the milky white lampshade to soften the light scattering, while others face down, and the light shines directly into the room, which appears to be bright.

What is a good brand of led camera lamp

1. Leishi lighting. Leishi Lighting mainly produces energy-saving lamps, ceiling lights, led lights, emergency lights and other lighting products, with independent R & D and production of lamps and lanterns, the led lamps and lanterns products are widely used in indoor, office, commercial, light source appliances, industry, home, construction and other fields. Opal lighting.

2, 4: ten brands of LED Lighting Rex Lighting is one of the top ten brands of energy-saving lamps and lanterns, and it is the most valuable brand in China. Commercial lighting industry leader, one of the professional lighting enterprises.

3. What brand of LED projection lamp is good Philips Lighting Philips Lighting is one of the world-famous electronics companies, and its lighting technology is extremely leading in the world. Founded in 1891 in the Netherlands, the global electrical brand belongs to Royal Philips of the Netherlands.

4. Let’s follow the editor to see what brand of led spotlights is good for your reference. Led spotlight brand-Opal Lighting today to introduce the first kind of LED spotlight brand is Opp Lighting, which has become a recognized well-known brand in the lighting industry. Opp has always attached great importance to scientific research. , technology development and personnel training.

5. Which brand of led lamp is good? Led lamp brand Opp lighting. Opu Lighting Appliance (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., ten brands of lighting lamps, ten brands of energy-saving lamps-eye protection lamps, famous trademarks of China, famous brands of Guangdong, famous trademarks of Guangdong, high-tech enterprises of Shanghai, the most valuable brands in China, innovative and fast-growing enterprises.

Introduction to the brand of bedroom lamps and lanterns

The lamps and lanterns in the bedroom are very important and will affect the quality of life, so what brands are there in the bedroom lamps and lanterns? The editor will give you an answer. The common brands are as follows: Philips lamps and lanterns are very famous, and you may know that they are very well-known in the electronics industry.

What is the best brand of lamps and lanterns: Sanxiong aurora brand is a lighting brand of Guangdong Dongsong Sanxiong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which is one of the most comprehensive competitive brands in China. National well-known trademark, Guangdong Province famous trademark. The latest recommendation of bedroom lamps and lanterns has the following reference skills: the size of the bedroom space.

Bedroom ceiling lamp brand introduction Opp lighting: a household products (ceiling lamp) as the main lighting enterprise, there is no doubt that it is now a ceiling lamp brand in the industry, the terminal influence is also very good. Leishi Lighting: a lighting company that focuses on commercial products, now also has ceiling lights.

A complete collection of lighting brands of lamps and lanterns

1. Leishi Lighting Brand is one of the most competitive brands in Chinese lamp industry. Located in Huizhou Reishi Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., is currently a listed company.

2, what are the brands of lamps: Opp is a household name in China, which belongs to Zhongshan Opu Lighting Co., Ltd., the lamps and lanterns produced are excellent in quality and energy saving, and they are 3C certified products in China.

3. The enterprises with the best quality have excellent product quality and are very competitive in the market. What are the brands of lighting: TCL lighting TCL lighting is also a well-known brand in the market, which has a relatively high popularity in the market. After years of continuous development, TCL lighting occupies a place in the market with excellent quality and quality.

4. The top ten brand lamps and lanterns are Oprah Lighting, Rex Lighting, Philips Lighting, Panasonic Lighting, Foshan Lighting, TCL Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora, Huayi Lighting, Beautiful Home Lighting, Sunshine Lighting.

A complete Collection of Brand living Room Lighting

What are the brands of living room lamps? Huayi Lighting Brand Huayi Lighting was founded in 1986. Huayi Lighting Brand was founded in the ancient town of Zhongshan, the lighting capital of China. The company is a large-scale lighting manufacturer in Guzhen, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. It has always been a famous lighting brand in the industry.

We all know that the common living room lights have chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lamps, etc., so what are the brands of living room lamps and lanterns? Let’s take a look at it with the editor.

Which living room lighting brands are Rex Lighting, Philips Lighting, Panasonic Lighting, Bull Lighting, Opal Lighting, TCL Lighting, Huayi Lighting, Auduo Lighting, Zhengtai Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora Lighting, Sunshine Lighting, Foshan Lighting and so on.

Living room chandelier brand: Philips: one of the famous lamps and lanterns brands in the country, is a leader in the industry, the brand covers a wide range of products. Opu Lighting: founded in 1996, the brand is a large integrated enterprise integrating research, production and sales.

Living room lighting brand: Opp Lighting: a world-renowned lighting brand, founded in 1996, the range of products mainly include household, electrician and so on. TCL Lighting: this brand is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of lighting, covering more than 30 product lines.

TCL lighting TCL lighting to research and development, production and sales of various lighting products, a wide range of products, covering engineering, home, industry and other fields, the company has been committed to product innovation, the production of lighting products in the appearance and quality is quite good.

What are the outdoor lamps and lanterns? A complete Collection of Outdoor Lighting

Wall lamp: the appearance of the wall lamp is beautiful, and the lines are simple and beautiful. Generally placed in the community, park, or stigma, very appreciative. The utility model has the advantages of simple installation, convenient maintenance and low power consumption. The light source is usually energy-saving lamps. The materials are generally stainless steel, aluminum products and iron products. Electrostatic spraying on the surface of lamp body.

Lawn lamp is used around lawn in parks and other places as lighting facilities. With its unique design and soft lighting, it adds safety and beauty to the urban green landscape, and has convenient installation and strong decoration. It can be used in parks, garden villas and other lawn periphery and pedestrian streets, squares and other places. There are kinds of outdoor lamps and lanterns.

Courtyard lights: courtyard lights are mainly used in urban roads, residential roads and other public places, courtyard lights can significantly improve the living environment and improve the quality of life of residents.

LED street lamp for traffic lighting at night. Solar street lamp, sunlight as energy, battery energy storage, LED lamp as light source, charging during the day and night. Courtyard lights, lamps and racks are mostly installed on the courtyard floor; they are used in parks, street gardens, hotels, industrial and mining enterprises, courtyards of government schools and other places.

Types of outdoor lamps lawn lamp: lawn lamp is used for lighting facilities around the lawn, but also an important landscape facility.

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