4 wire 3 phase LED track rail

4 wire 3 phase LED track rail

This 4 wire track series is suitable for all 4 wire 3 phase LED track light rail system, it's the perfect choice for any residential and commercial track lighting application, and it's easy and flexible to fix your track lights and adjust them in multiple directions according to your requirements.


housing was made of aluminum alloy profile that is durable and good at thermoconductivity.
Flame-retardes ABS strips come with goodinsulation to ensure electrical safety.
Premium copper stripshas high performance at electrical conductivity.
The product can be compatitible with different connectors.
with unique structure for easy installation and maintenance.
Compatible well with variety of track light fixtures.
Stunning designed and well surface finished with powder coating, white and black case is available, and other colors can be customzied.






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