4 wire 3 phase LED track rail

This 4 wire track series is suitable for all 4 wire 3 phase LED track light rail system, it’s the perfect choice for any residential and commercial track lighting application, and it’s easy and flexible to fix your track lights and adjust them in multiple directions according to your requirements.

Main Advantages

  • High Durability and Heat Dissipation: The housing of our 4 wire 3 phase LED track rail is crafted from aluminum alloy profile, ensuring superior durability and excellent thermoconductivity.
  • Guaranteed Electrical Safety: This product comes with flame-retardant ABS strips that boast good insulation, providing maximum electrical safety and peace of mind.
  • Exceptional Electrical Conductivity: Thanks to its premium copper strips, this LED track rail has excellent electrical conductivity and perform at high standards.
  • Versatility and Compatibility: Our track rail is compatible with various connectors, making it the ideal solution for any space.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain: The unique structure of our LED track rail makes it easy to install and maintain, while keeping the product secure and stable.

4 wire 3 phase LED track rail

4 wire 3 phase LED track rail series, designed for use with any 4 wire 3 phase LED track light rail system. This track series is perfect for both residential and commercial track lighting applications, offering flexibility and ease of use to fix and adjust your track lights in any direction you require.

4 wire track rail series features a durable aluminum alloy housing, ensuring excellent thermoconductivity, as well as flame-retardant ABS strips that provide good insulation for optimal electrical safety. Premium copper strips are also included, offering high performance electrical conductivity. The product is compatible with various connectors and features a unique structure for easy installation and maintenance.

4 wire track rail series is compatible with a wide range of track light fixtures, making it a versatile choice for any lighting application. Additionally, our track rails boast a stunning design and are finished with a powder coating, with white and black cases available. We also offer customization options for a variety of colors to suit your needs. Choose our 4 wire 3 phase LED track rail series for a reliable and flexible lighting solution.


  • Housing was made of aluminum alloy profile that is durable and good at thermoconductivity.
  • Flame-retardes ABS strips come with goodinsulation to ensure electrical safety.
  • Premium copper stripshas high performance at electrical conductivity.
  • The product can be compatitible with different connectors.
  • With unique structure for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Compatible well with variety of track light fixtures.
  • Stunning designed and well surface finished with powder coating, white and black case is available, and other colors can be customzied.


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4 wire track
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