35-20W By Switch LED IP20 Cool White Emergency 4ft 120cm Single Batten

LED Batten is an affordable alternative to T5 and T8 battens. Unlike old battens, this light fitting is fully integrated (light source and light fitting in one). There are no tubes to replace.Replacing fluorescent batten/slats ,It is a good alternative to T5/T8 lamps.

Main Advantages

  • Customizable CCT Dipswitch allows you to easily adjust the light color temperature to fit your needs.
  • Wattage Adjustment feature allows for precise energy efficiency control, saving you money on electricity.
  • Powered by renowned Philips/Osram Power driver for reliable and high-performing light output.
  • High luminous efficacy produces a stunning 140LM/W brightness level to brighten any room with ease.
  • Flicker Free technology ensures consistent and comfortable lighting without any flicker, providing a smooth and healthy visual experience. Different installation options- Surface Mounted, Suspend Mounted, and Mounted with BESA- make it suitable for all kinds of spaces.

35-20W By Switch LED IP20 Cool White Emergency 4ft 120cm Single Batten

Power supply power 35W adjust 30W 25W 20W by switch, this compact 4ft (120cm) single batten fitting from BLT provides a crisp, Cool White light output. This model features a SMD LED chip, a boke isolated driver, and an aluminium PCB heat sink. A highly durable fitting, this model is made up of a white steel housing, an Opal PC diffuser, and quick fit push terminals for ease of installation. The emergency function of this fitting is between 1.5-2.0 Watts, at a 3 hour duration.

LED Batten is an affordable alternative to T5 and T8 battens. Unlike old battens, this light fitting is fully integrated (light source and light fitting in one). There are no tubes to replace.

It is a nice replacement for T5/T8 tube light.


-Easy to open and install

-Perfect Combination For Stock 

-CCT Dipswitch, Wattage Adjustment

-Philips/Osram Power driver 

-High luminous efficacy up to 140LM/W

-Flicker Free

-Diifferent installation: Surface Mounted, Suspend Mounted, Mounted with BESA

-5 years warranty

-Certification: CE, ROHS


-Shop, Office, School, Train station, Exhibition hall, Factory, Warehouse, Residence, Hospitals, Airport

LED BATTEN TUBES LIGHT Replace Fluorescent Batten
Easy to open and install just push
Perfect Combination For Stock One Lamp 12 Lamps CCT Dipswitch Wattage Adjustment
Warranty promise up to 5 or 7 years.We only use the highest quallity components,such as Phips.Osram,etc.It's extremly easy to select the power range by setting the DIP switch


Surface Mounted ,Suspend Mounted ,Mounted with BESA

Specification –35-20W By Switch LED IP20 Cool White 4ft 120cm Single Batten


Model NO.B014-35WP-P
Power:35W -30W-25W-20W by switch
Power Factor:0.95
Voltage:220-240V AC
Multi-Voltage:170-240V AC
Frequency:50-60 Hz
Light Source:SMD2835
Colour Temp:3000K-4000K-5000K by Switch
Luminous Efficiency:140 lm/W
Beam Angle130°( FF)
IP Protection:IP20
Material:Aluminium, PMMA
Size:1150 X 56 X68 mm
Height:68 mm
Length:1150 mm
Working Temperature:-25ºC ~ +45ºC
Life Span:50,000H(L80, B10)
Warranty:5 Years
Certifications:UKCA, CE & RoHS


Through 7 years of R&D and mining, RECOLUX has obtained more than 20 patents such as invention/design patents, and obtained CE, ISO, ROHS, LVD and ENEC certificates, opening a new chapter in opening up the global market.

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