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LED Industrial Lighting for Indoor and Outdoor

Recolux Lighting offers a wide variety of products to meet your various needs. Whether you’re looking for custom lights or standard models, we’ve got you covered!

ClickFast Universal Trunking Retroft System

The clickfast universal LED linear trunking light retrofit solution offers an easy and efficient installation process without tools, and is compatible with various T8 & T5 trunking systems from multiple brands, making it a great choice for updating and reducing stock quantity.

LED Tri-proof Light IP69K Tubular

IP69K tubular LED tri-proof light is an ideal solution for food processing and poultry lighting industries. IP69K is the highest level of this protection and is designed for high-pressure water jets and high-temperature water jets for specific flushing applications. This also includes special sensitization and chemical cleaning.

LED Linear Track Light-Track Panel

The LED track panel light, using European standard 3 circuit commercial track rail, is a new linear lighting system that, when combined with LED spotlights, provides general lighting for shops as an alternative to traditional trunking system lights.

LED Trunking System IP40 E-Line

LED Trunking System IP40 E-Line

E-Line LED lighting is designed to be optimized for commercial and industrial lighting applications to help not only improve safety and energy savings, but also help increase productivity and efficiency.

LED Tri-proof Light IP65 E-open

LED Tri-proof Light IP65 E-open

The Tri-proof Light P65 E-open is an innovative LED luminaire that offers high-quality, energy-efficient lighting with an IP66 rating, making it ideal for replacing fluorescent strip lights in various settings. With its easy-to-install design, it’s a versatile and cost-effective solution for a range of lighting needs.

LED Batten Light Linear Light AllNice

LED Batten Light Linear Light AllNice

LED batten light perfact to replaced traditional fluorescent tube lights in industrial and general commercial use.Linear Light AllNice is an affordable alternative to T5 and T8 battens.

Premium Quality In Our Plant

Recolux Lighting is an ISO 9001 certified LED lighting manufacturer in China. We offer a variety of LED lights for you to choose from. We have a professional team to research and produce new products with high quality assurance. We are glad to provide you with quality products with competitive price and good service.


Why Choose Recolux Lighting?

As a manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting fixtures in China, we provide the following 6 reasons for European and American and global LED lighting agents and designers:

High-Quality Products

Self-produced and patented molds, We use the latest technology and have a strict quality control system to ensure that every product we produce meets high-quality standards.

Super R&D capabilities

Super R & D capabilities, high-quality cooperative suppliers, can cooperate with customer needs to develop products in line with the market

Customizable Designs

We offer customizable designs that can be tailored to the specific needs of agents and designers, providing a unique and personalized experience for their clients.

Professional Support

We have a team of experienced professionals who provide comprehensive technical support, including design, development, and logistics support, to ensure a smooth and successful experience for our clients.

Fast Turnaround

We have streamlined our production processes to offer fast turnaround times, ensuring that our clients receive their products as quickly as possible.

Reliable Partnerships

We have established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known logistics and payment companies at home and abroad, ensuring that agents’ orders can be delivered to customers in a timely and safe manner, and the payment process is secure and reliable.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what customers have to say!

“Good news, we win the project, and the customer is a large corporation, they will have more projects for us.I have to say I’m flattened by your support and service,
after almost ten years in LED-business i have never experienced that kind of help, really impressing,thank you very much again.”

“For the universal trunking retrofit system, the feedback of our installing electrician was great. Never had seen such an easy installation, it saved lots labour cost, and customer is very satisfied of it.
I believe we will win more projects. ”

“Thanks very much for your support and service, our sales are growing fast , the LED batten and LED track panel sells very good, I plan to make more stocks for them, also we have some new requirement from market, I will send the idea to you, can you help me R&D it?It is too late now, we can have a meeting tomorrow. ”

LED Lighting Knowledge

Recolux Lighting offers a wide variety of products to meet your various needs. Whether you’re looking for custom lights or standard models, we’ve got you covered!

Get a comprehensive understanding of what is the purpose of lighting

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